Online Offerings at Sellwood Yoga 

As of March 16, 2020, we pivoted our core offerings to focus on things that:

  1. Continue to serve our community in ways that can keep us virtually connected and practicing together;
  2. Give access to live stream classes through flexible pricing;
  3. Assist our instructors with as much support as we can provide;
  4. Sustain our studio in the short term, so that we can reopen and be here for you and our community in ways that will help us all heal and recover.

Below, you will find information about our online offerings, pricing, and other frequently asked questions.

The schedule of live stream classes is available here and also viewable on the Mindbody app. You need to preregister for all live stream classes. There are Zoom “meeting” links associated with each class.  Those details are emailed to you when you register and a reminder is sent 15 minutes before the class starts.  

We also have a collection of recorded live stream classes.  You need to have a membership (monthly or weekly) and password (changes each Monday) to access those classes.  Email us to learn more. 

Besides the information below, please also check out our “Guide to using Zoom for Sellwood Yoga Live Stream Classes”.

Online Offerings

With the studios closed for in-person classes, what are you offering to your students?

We began offering live stream classes in late March. Our plan is to expand what we offer online to include a range of options.  We will reopen for in studio classes when we are allowed to and when we feel it is safe for our instructors and students.  When we reopen for in studio classes, we will continue to offer live stream choices and pre-recorded classes. We will share those details when we know more.


Where can I sign up for your online offerings?

You can sign up for live stream classes from the schedule on the website and/or by using the Mindbody App.  You do need to sign up in advance for each class that you would like to participate in.  Once you register for a class you will receive an email with a link that can be used to access the Live Stream Class. 

If you haven’t taken a live stream class with us yet, please make sure to read our “Guide to Using Zoom for Sellwood Yoga Live Stream Classes”

I don’t see your normal schedule of weekly classes. Am I missing something?

As more instructors become ready and able to teach in this new format, we will be adding in more classes. Not all of our instructors are able to offer live stream classes during this time. Many of them have other jobs, additional caregiving and/or family responsibilities and other things that they need to focus on and attend too.  Check the schedule frequently for new classes.  We are expanding what we offer.

Accessing Live Stream Classes

What happens after I register for a live stream class?

After you register for a live stream class, you will get an email and/or text confirmation right away. In preparation for the class, you will need to download and install Zoom (it’s free!) on the device(s) of your choice. 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin, you will get a second email and reminder text with details about the class.  

The confirmation emails/text will come from  Occasionally, these emails may end up in your “spam” or “junk” folder.  When looking for the follow up email make sure to also search the spam/junk folders. 

Better yet, make sure ahead of time that emails from are set to come to your inbox as “safe” sending addresses.  Your email provider should have help documents for how to achieve this. 

Also read through our “Guide to Using Zoom for Sellwood Yoga Live Stream Classes”

You will get a registration email as soon as you sign up for a class (see example below) and a reminder message 15 minutes before the class starts (examples below).

How can I make sure I receive the class link that is sent?

To make sure you receive the emails and/or texts with the correct Zoom “meeting” link for each class:

1. Check your Junk/Spam folder. Sometimes, the messages may end up somewhere other than the inbox, so please look through Junk/Spam and other folders. FYI: Most email providers have a way for you to mark “safe” senders or to add certain senders to your address book. Please consult “help” documentation specific to your email provider.  If you add to your address book or safe sender list then the emails should come through.

2. Check your Mindbody account settings. Log in to your Sellwood Yoga Mindbody account and make sure that your email address is current AND that you are subscribed to receive our email and/or text updates pertaining to your account, as well as reminders and schedule changes. (This step is imperative, as the links for your online classes will be emailed to the address we have on file in your Mindbody account). You will see something like this under the “Personal Information” section of your Mindbody account:

You will get a registration email as soon as you sign up for a class (see example below) and a reminder message 15 minutes before the class starts (examples below).

What devices and other types of technology are required for accessing live stream classes? Any tips or recommendations?

1. The live stream classes require Zoom access. Prior to your first class, make sure to download the Zoom app for desktop and/or mobile. If you are not yet familiar with Zoom classes, we highly recommend downloading the Zoom app onto your computer/device well before the class start time, so that you have time to troubleshoot any issues that might present. Click here to read more about our recommendations for getting the most our of your Sellwood Yoga Zoom Classes.

2. We recommend a desktop computer, laptop, or iPad (vs. a phone, if possible) for quality streaming of the classes. Remember you will be watching and listening from whatever device you chose. You will want to position your device so that you can see the screen and hear the audio. There are Zoom controls on your end that have nothing to do with how the instructor controls the class delivery on his/her end. The quality of your audio is dependent on what device you are listening from and how you are listening (straight from that device vs. using a headset, etc.). You may need to turn up the volume on your device as well as on your Zoom controls.

3. Prior to the start of a class, confirm that you’re using your WiFi service vs. your cell service to ensure optimal connectivity (and avoid potential data costs).

4. Bluetooth headphones (ex. AirPods) or a plugged in headset are recommended for better audio quality, unless you have your computer/laptop hooked up to external speakers.

Pricing for Live Stream Classes

How much are the live stream classes?

Current prices are $15 for a single class or $25/week for an unlimited pass.  There’s also an option to purchase a 5 pack for $50 (2 month expiration).

Purchase the weekly pass here

With our Live Stream Weekly Membership you will have unlimited weekly access to our Live Stream classes. Your membership automatically renews each week until you notify us that you need or want to cancel.

Please note: With the this membership plan your credit card will be charged once a week. Your membership will automatically renew until we receive a email notice of cancellation. You may request a cancellation/termination with 3 days advance notice by emailing:

I have a 5 or 10 class pass with Sellwood Yoga and Align Fitness. Can I use that to pay for the live stream classes?

We froze the “punch pass” style of passes (ex. 5 and 10 class pass) on March 16, 2020, when we had to close our doors to in-studio group classes. Our plan is to add time to the expiration dates of those passes once we can open up again. The time added on will be at least equivalent to the number of days we were closed, most likely with more time added on.

In the meantime, you have two options for your class pass:

Option 1:
Leave your pass frozen and pay separately for live stream classes. We will add time to your pass when we open back up.

Option 2:
Unfreeze your pass now to use for the live stream classes. By unfreezing your pass, we will not add on time to the expiration date.

If you want to go with Option 2 (unfreezing your pass now), please email us at and let us know what class you want to participate in. We will unfreeze your pass, add you to the roster, and confirm the details with you.


I have a monthly unlimited membership with Sellwood Yoga and Align Fitness. Can I use that to pay for the live stream classes?

As of March 16, 2020, when we closed the studios, we also “froze” the monthly memberships. Our plan is to unfreeze them when we are open for in-studio classes. Once they are unfrozen, we will add time (plus a little extra) to the memberships, along with a few other thank you gifts.

Please note: When we say we “froze” the monthly memberships, we mean we just “froze the time period from March 16th onward.” It does not mean your monthly autopay payment has been automatically frozen or canceled.

You have several options for what to do with your monthly memberships while the studio is closed. Please see the details below.

Live Stream Payment Options for Active or Suspended Monthly Memberships

For monthly memberships that are active or suspended, we have a few options for those who want to take the live stream classes:

Option 1: Unfreeze your membership so that you can use it for live stream classes Email and we will unfreeze your membership and send you a confirmation along with details about how to access the live stream classes + our collection of recorded classes.

Option 2: Keep your membership frozen and pay for the live stream classes separately You continue to pay your monthly membership payment and also pay individually for each live stream class you take. When we reopen, we will add the equivalent time we were closed (plus a little extra) to the memberships, along with a few other thank you gifts.

Option 3: Suspend your membership. Let us know that you would like to “pause” your monthly autopay.  It will restart when we reopen at your current membership rate. Please email so that we can suspend your membership.

Remember if you would like to do either Options 1 or 3, please email and let us know. We will take care of your request and email you a confirmation, along with any further instructions.

How do I cancel or suspend my monthly membership?

If you want to cancel or suspend your monthly membership, please email and indicate which option you would like from the list below:

Option 1: Terminate your monthly membership
All future payments on your monthly membership will be canceled going forward. You can rejoin as a monthly member once we reopen, but you will not be guaranteed your current membership price. We thank you for your membership and hope you will rejoin once we reopen, and in the meantime, we hope you will take the live stream classes.

Option 2: Suspend your monthly membership
This will suspend your membership as well as cancel all future autopay payments until we reopen. Once we reopen, your membership will automatically restart under your current agreement. Please understand we can’t give any refunds for any of last month’s autopay payments at this time.


Practicing at Home

How do I set up my practice space?

Please give yourself enough time to get your practice space set up to maximize your comfort and minimize distractions:

  • Set up a yoga mat or something else that you can sit, stand and lay down on, preferably on a surface that is not slippery (especially for standing poses).
  • Be creative about props. While they are not necessary for most of the live stream classes, they may be helpful. See the FAQ below for some prop ideas.
  • Dress in layers and have whatever you need for resting/savasana nearby.
  • Turn off notifications, and let anyone who is sharing space with you know that you will be practicing.
  • Have whatever else you need within arm’s reach: water, tea, reading glasses, etc.
I don't have yoga props. What can I use?
  • Towels, blankets, cushions, and pillows can be used as padding for your knees, back, head, etc.
  • Sturdy objects such as chairs, benches, sofas, and tables can help for balance, steadiness, taking a break, etc.
  • Scarves, belts, bungee cords, dog leashes, or thick rope can be used in lieu of a yoga strap.
  • Canned food, jars, books, or low tables can be used in lieu of yoga blocks.
  • A washcloth, scarf, or sleeve of a long-sleeved shirt can be used instead of an eye pillow to cover your eyes.
It's been a while since I have practiced. Any suggestions?

Just like with in-person classes, give yourself permission to rest when you need a break. Move into Child’s Pose or some other restful position and rejoin when you can. You know your body, so modify when necessary.

I am used to the instructor walking around the class, offering hands-on assists, etc. How does live stream instruction work?

Your instructor will always be in front of the camera. As they are alone in the studio, you will not see another “classmate” demonstrating the poses. Your instructor will do that. You will see a combination of the instructor doing the full sequence with you, doing part of the sequence, or sitting still in front of the camera guiding you through the sequence. With all methods, and just like our in-person classes, your instructor will maintain their high standards of descriptive, verbal, alignment-based instruction to assist you in your pose. Their instructions should be clear enough that you can mainly follow along by listening and then watching/looking whenever you need or want to.

Will the live stream classes have music?

Your instructor will not be playing any music during class. You can cue up your favorite playlist and enjoy your own music in the privacy of your space. Some instructors will send recommended playlists that you can access if you want to match up their music suggestions with your practice.


I have a New Student Starter Pass with Sellwood Yoga and Align Fitness. Can I use that to pay for the live stream classes?

We froze New Student Starter Passes on March 16, 2020, when we had to close our doors to in-studio group classes. At this time, New Student Starter Passes cannot be used for live stream classes, as we feel that it’s important for new students to experience the studio and classes in person. Our plan is to add time to the expiration dates of those passes once we can open up again. 

Is there any other way I can support the studio at this time?

Remember that we are a family owned and operated small business. Like other local businesses, this is a time of intensity, challenge and hardship. We, just like you, are going through additional stress, uncertainty, anxiety and all the other emotions associated with grief, hardship, loss and fear. Please weather this storm with us in the capacity that feels right to you. We want to reopen, gather and practice together again (in real life) and continue to serve our community.

You can support us by prepaying for classes/passes to be used when we re-open for in-studio classes. Remember that the expiration dates for any new purchases do not kick in until the passes are actually used. You can also by gift cards (in any amount) for yourself or others by clicking here.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please email us at or text/call us at 503-575-9982.