with Matt Nelson
Thursdays, January 4th – February 22nd (7:30 – 9:30pm)
at Sellwood Yoga

$300 for the 8-week series. Sellwood Yoga members with a 3- or 6-month autopay are eligible for 10% off; email claire@sellwoodyoga.com prior to registering to get the discount.

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The purpose of this 8-week course is to provide students with a broad, introductory understanding of the philosophical principles that form the foundation of yogic inquiry. We will explore three of India’s most cherished texts: The UpanishadsThe Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Bhagavad Gita, as we seek to broaden our understanding of the core concepts at the heart of many yoga traditions. Through thought-provoking study questions, discussion, and journaling, we will delve into how these tenets can enrich our personal practice and be incorporated into everyday life.

Instructor — Matt Nelson

Matt’s first entry into movement, breath and spiritual inquiry began in 1995 when he started practicing Chi Gung. In 2003 Matt transitioned to Yoga, and since then many practitioners have served as a source of inspiration, with the most notable being Zhander Remete, Peter Sterios and Matt Huish.
Matt’s biggest influence comes from his guru Swami B.V Tripurari. His teachings inspire and influence Matt everyday, in all aspects of his life. Matt believes in providing joyful, nurturing, structurally sound classes that nourish the soul, support inner-growth and present a physical challenge appropriately suited for each practitioner.
His classes encourage a deep connection to the breath as he teaches students to move with proper alignment, grace, flexibility, strength, intuition and mindfulness.
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