with Natalie Bowker
Saturday, August 4th (2:00 – 4:00pm)
at Align Fitness

$25 for the afternoon

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This class is designed to teach teens about how yoga and mindfulness can become a powerful tool to manage daily life stressors. Students will practice breathing tools, learn about mindfulness techniques and have fun playing around with physical practice of yoga. Students will enjoy mindful snacking, relaxation, and time for self-reflection.  Please wear comfortable clothing and a water bottle. No previous yoga or mindfulness experience necessary!

Instructor — Natalie Bowker

Natalie BowkerNatalie began practicing Yoga in her 20s and has had the opportunity to practice Yoga in many unique communities around the world. Whether she was teaching poses as a wilderness guide for at-risk youth, in an OB/GYN clinic with pregnant mamas, or with her two daughters in her own living room, Yoga has played a significant role for over half her life. Natalie is passionate about building inner strength from the way we think about and move in our bodies. She believes Yoga offers the opportunity to reduce stress and create healthier connections with ourselves and our world around us.

You will find her Yoga classes weave in elements of humor, compassion, and stillness. Natalie enjoys encouraging yet challenging her students to grow both in mind and body. Now that she has completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course at Sellwood Yoga, she plans to continue on to get certified in Pre/postnatal Yoga at Blooma Studio.
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