with Maggie Converse
Saturday, October 12th (2:00 – 4:00pm)
at Sellwood Yoga

$25 for the afternoon. Five student minimum required to run the course.

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Yoga and Mindfulness for Girls: An Afternoon Retreat
In this afternoon retreat for female-identified children, we will explore yoga and mindfulness as tools for greater self-acceptance, mind-body connection, and interpersonal skills. Yoga poses, breathing exercises, visualizations, and relaxation techniques will be introduced and practiced as a way to support your daughters in developing more awareness of themselves and the world around them. They will experience the benefits of these practices in a welcoming and safe environment.
This fun and informative afternoon will help to relieve the stress and anxiety that is becoming more common with children ages 10-14. The calming and self-soothing techniques that will be practiced will provide positive tools that can be applied at school, home and in a variety of social situations. Set your children up for success with positive tools they can use for the rest of their lives!
I wanted to let you know that [my daughter] LOVED the retreat she attended!! She has significant anxiety which sometimes causes her to take her frustrations out at home. After the retreat she was like a different girl for a good week or more. As an experienced yogi, I feel like she was grounded and that really made her more able to navigate her anxiety, and the affects were felt a lot around our house. I so appreciate what you’re doing!
– Parent of a past participant

Instructor — Maggie Converse

Maggie Converse started teaching yoga in 2007 and, soon after, integrated holistic health coaching and reiki energy healing. As yoga was an integral part in her own recovery from an eating disorder, depression, and anxiety she helps people through yoga to find their own path toward self-acceptance and self-love. Through yoga, reiki, and meditation she guides students to cultivate a strong inner connection and to take what they learn on their mat and apply it to daily life. Maggie believes that we can always be in practice – we can always be in our meditation, we can always be mindful. She guides students and clients to understand that joy and inner peace come when the body, mind, and soul are aligned. You can learn more about Maggie and book a free coaching session with her at www.maggieconversemethod.com.

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