with Matt Nelson
Saturday, March 3rd (12:15 – 2:15pm)
at Sellwood Yoga

$30 for the workshop ($25 for Sellwood Yoga members; email claire@sellwoodyoga.com to get the discount).

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Specific yoga techniques can be used effectively to help manage neck and shoulder pain and tension, heal existing injuries and prevent future ones. 

In this workshop, we will explore a combination of gentle, therapeutic movement patterns, yoga postures, and breathing techniques that support long-term healing and wellness. Participants will learn methods for managing neck and shoulder tension, gain awareness of postural habits and cultivate healthier movement and breathing patterns.

This workshop is intended for all levels of practitioner and will provide appropriate challenges and adaptations for each participant, facilitating a positive and nurturing experience for all.

Instructor — Matt Nelson

Matt’s first entry into movement, breath and spiritual inquiry began in 1995 when he started practicing Chi Gung. In 2003 Matt transitioned to Yoga, and since then many practitioners have served as a source of inspiration, with the most notable being Zhander Remete, Peter Sterios and Matt Huish.
Matt’s biggest influence comes from his guru Swami B.V Tripurari. His teachings inspire and influence Matt everyday, in all aspects of his life. Matt believes in providing joyful, nurturing, structurally sound classes that nourish the soul, support inner-growth and present a physical challenge appropriately suited for each practitioner.
His classes encourage a deep connection to the breath as he teaches students to move with proper alignment, grace, flexibility, strength, intuition and mindfulness.
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