with Diane Thompson
6 weeks every Tuesday
March 31st – May 5th (2:45-4:15pm)
at Sellwood Yoga

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Introducing the Second Set of Poses for Reversing Osteoporosis Through Dr. Loren Fishman’s Method with Diane Thompson

– Are you looking to increase your balance and stability?
– Have you been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis?
– Do you want to explore the kind of yoga that is proven to build bone?

Yoga has been shown in peer-reviewed publications to reverse osteoporosis and osteopenia, and in over 100,000 hours of use, it has caused no fractures or serious injuries of any kind.

‘‘Yoga and medicine, used both separately and together, have tremendous healing benefits, and can minimize pain and disability.’’ – Dr Loren Fishman

In this 6-week program attributed to Dr. Loren Fishman, you will:
– Experience and practice yoga poses that build new bone
– Learn about the physiology of osteoporosis
– Learn the effects of medications and what movements to avoid
– Improve your balance and coordination to prevent falling

Instructor — Diane Thompson

I am Diane Thompson a Registered Yoga teacher. My specialty is foundational yoga for those in middle and senior years. It’s ‘’Yoga, Just As You Are’’. My classes are taught with compassion and a little humor.
Have you ever made a seemingly small decision that ended up redirecting everything?
That is what I did.
I took the simple step of going to a foundational yoga class, back in the day when I was stressed out and depleted. I just simply kept coming back and doing whatever my body would allow that day. No goals, no expectations, just doing yoga as I was….
I delved more into yoga and embarked on a yoga teacher training at The Bhaktishop in Portland, OR. Having Yoga and teaching in my life taught me a totally different way to live, choosing to put health, community and passion first.
I had to pass on and share my experiences with Yoga to others.
I am living proof of the effects of yoga on increasing bone strength, bone quality and balance. Diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine and osteopenia in my hips, after 2 years of committed yoga my bone mineral density is back to normal levels in my hips and osteopenia level in my spine, without the use of medications. I am a Certified Yoga teacher for the Dr. Fishman Method of Yoga for Osteoporosis.
Over the last 2 years I have been the instructor for randomized Clinical Trials comparing the effectiveness of Yoga in treating Insomnia in Cancer Survivors. This is important and there is more to come from me in this area.

I grew up in the Northern part of England and moved to the USA in my thirties. A chemist by education I worked in the Personal Care industry in Europe and USA, then within the Information Technology industry as a Software Engineer. I love games and puzzles and compiling creative and careful yoga sequences to suit all body types and characters. I volunteer with an organization called Living Yoga who provide trauma-informed yoga to individuals from vulnerable and marginalized communities. I am trained in trauma informed yoga techniques.

“It’s not about muscling through pain to achieve a goal, but about smart movement of your body to become stronger and kinder to yourself”

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