with Heather Koch and Christina Trautman
Saturday, October 28th (12:30-2:00pm)
at Sellwood Yoga

$25 for each workshop/$15 for Sellwood Yoga members with a 3- or 6-month autopay (email claire@sellwoodyoga.com to get the discount). Class limited to 15 students.

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Registration Open! Join us for this fall workshop on Balancing the Pelvic Floor. The Pelvic Floor is the very root of your core body where muscles and connective tissues weave a floor for your pelvis. In this workshop, we will overview basic pelvic floor anatomy and function, with focus on the issue of “incontinence” – a.k.a. those leaky moments when we momentarily lose bladder control. Incontinence is one very common symptom of pelvic floor imbalance, and you can address it!

Beyond learning, and beyond the often over-simplified advice “do kegel exercises”, we will practice! We’ll spend more than half the class practicing breathing and movement techniques informed by physical therapy and yoga. These techniques help us train, balance, strengthen and relax the pelvic floor to improve pelvic floor function.

Reasons for incontinence can include:

  • Weakness/tightness of the pelvic floor
  • Muscle imbalance in the pelvis, lumbar spine, and hips
  • Pregnancy and delivery
  • Hysterectomy
  • Constipation
  • Medications
  • Urinary tract abnormalities
  • Stress/hormonal changes
  • Trauma

Come as you are and join us to learn and practice in a safe and supportive environment. If you were able to attend our September workshop, we focused more on “stress incontinence,” so this October is an opportunity for more review and more focus specifically on the issue of “urge incontinence”. If this is your first workshop of the fall offerings on Pelvic Floor Care, it will serve as an overview for incontinence with emphasis on “urge incontinence”.

Heather Koch

Heather Koch

Heather’s goal is to cultivate an accepting environment for her students and help them connect – connect movement and breath and use those to connect to whatever is going on for them in body, heart and mind. She welcomes students to come, roll out their mats, and tune in to whatever they find, whether they are new to yoga or continuing a practice over years.

Heather first started attending yoga classes regularly in the late 90’s for a workout that would balance out trail running and cycling while helping her work through stress. Many years later, she remains grateful for the physical aspects of yoga in building strength, stamina, balance and flexibility, but most appreciates yoga for the the way movement and breath help us tune in to all aspects of our selves and our lives. She loves that she is still surprised, informed and inspired with what she discovers on the mat, and hopes she can help students find their own version of that discovery.

Christina Trautman, DPT, Women’s Health Rehab Specialist

Christina developed pelvic floor dysfunction in high school and started pelvic floor physical therapy shortly after with full resolution of symptoms
Graduated from Pacific University in 2010
Certified through Level 2 Herman and Wallace pelvic floor training
Certified as Pregnancy and Post-Partum Exercise Specialist
Treating and helping women with pelvic floor dysfunction for 7 years
Specializes in pain syndromes, pregnancy and post-Partum care, organ
prolapse, incontinence and how to restore balance in pelvic floor
Focuses on holistic care with a gentle approach to treating the pelvis
and structures within the body that can alter mechanics of the pelvic
Also has training with Kinesiotaping, STOTT Pilates-based Rehab,
Fascial Strain Counter Strain, NAIOMT Level 2 trained and ASTYM


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