Yoga for Tweens and Teens

Teens and tweens have busy schedules, academic pressure, physical and hormonal changes, and social issues to deal with on a daily basis. Practicing yoga during these foundational years is much more than an exercise regime. Not only does yoga provide an energy outlet and help build muscle and flexibility, it is also an entry point for a healthy and balanced life.

Yoga supports the mind-body connection. This is a link that is increasingly broken for young people. The typical habits of today’s children include massive tech consumption and less time spent outdoors. This prevents them from being “in the moment,” which can lead to a feeling of disembodiment. Synchronizing breath and movement on the mat helps heal that disconnect, cultivating a deeper awareness of one’s internal state. And the more you pay attention to your body, the better you treat it.

These specially designed classes for teens (grade 9-12) and tweens (grade 6-8) address some key areas/interests common for this age group, such as:


Sports can be demanding on the body, resulting in injury, over-worked muscle groups, and tightness. Yoga will help your athlete increase total body strength while regaining flexibility and range of motion. Yoga can also provide teen athletes with the ability to recognize and lower pregame anxiety. We will integrate mindfulness techniques, stretching, and challenging poses while teaching them how to take their yoga practice off the mat and into their everyday lives.

Academic Stress and Anxiety

Our children spend the majority of their school days hunched over a desk and computer, experiencing stiffness and pain in their necks, shoulders, and spines, as well as limited range of motion in their leg and hip muscles. Yoga will bring strength, realignment, and movement to these key areas of the body. Performance anxiety over homework and test scores is common, as is anxiety over navigating the social aspects of school. This pressure can build up and cause physical, mental, and emotional stress. Yoga encourages students to channel their strong work ethic through a positive, nurturing activity.

Extracurricular Activities

Repetitive motions commonly found in musicians, artists, and video gamers can create stressors on their bodies, resulting in ailments such as carpel tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. Yoga will stretch and strengthen these overworked areas.


Discover fun and informative ways to relieve the stress and anxiety that is becoming more common in our tween (grades 6-8) and teen (grade 9-12) children’s day-to-day lives. Build strength and flexibility, concentration and focus, compassion and self-esteem, coordination and balance through our tween and teen classes.

Rates: purchase a drop-in for $20 or learn more about our class passes and monthly memberships here.

Yoga for Teens

Through stretching and strengthening the body, while using mindfulness, breath, and movement, discover ways to de-stress from the pressures and expectations of daily life found during these teenage years. Each class offers active asana (poses), balance work, pranayama (breath work), and relaxation. Build strength, balance, and flexibility with this specially designed class for teens (grades 9-12). Experience all of this in an inclusive environment of your peers (no parents, coaches, teachers, or other adults will be present, except for your yoga instructor), complete with music, lightheartedness, and humor. No yoga experience necessary. Classes are co-ed.

All Yoga for Teens classes are from 3:00-4:15pm and take place at Sellwood Yoga.

Class dates:
Saturday, October 19th
Saturdday, November 23rd
Sat, December 28th
Saturday, February 15th
Saturday, March 14th
Saturday, April 18th
Saturday, May 16th

Yoga for Tweens

The tween years are an in-between time that is heaped in change. Yoga offers a way to find a stable ground, as well as acceptance of these life changes, providing positive tools that can be applied at school, home, and in a variety of social situations. This class empowers the individual, strengthens the body, flexes the imagination, and adds a spark of creativity. Designed for children (grades 6-8), yoga poses, breathing exercises, visualizations, and relaxation techniques will be introduced and practiced, building strength and flexibility, concentration and focus, compassion and self-esteem. No yoga experience necessary. Classes are co-ed and take place at Align Fitness.

The Yoga for Tweens classes are currently on hiatus. Please email us at for information about upcoming dates/times.