Strength Conditioning Classes at Sellwood Yoga and Align Fitness

The Align Fitness Bootcamp is our signature bootcamp class: a mixture of strength training and cardiovascular exercises. In this class, you’ll work your heart, muscles, and mind, getting stronger and leaner while also honing your balance, coordination, and flexibility.  A variety of equipment and modules in each class is used, including TRX Suspension Trainers, kettlebellsl, and total bodyweight exercises to work the entire body over the course of one hour. The Align Fitness Bootcamp classes provide the benefits of having a fitness coach with the support, accountability, and positive energy that is present with a group.

We offer this class as a drop-in class or as a five-week series class, so you can commit to joining the full series or drop in to a group class when convenient for your schedule.

For students who work out in their lives outside the studio, we also offer classes at both studios that can help you incorporate yoga into that lifestyle. Yoga for Athletes (at Align Fitness) helps students improve balance and flexibility, build muscular strength and stability, increase mental alertness and focus, prevent injuries, and enjoy deep relaxation. (Please note that this class is not just for athletes and is suitable for most people, even those who are new to yoga!). Stretch, Strengthen, and Release (at Sellwood Yoga) offers dynamic stretch and recovery movements designed to balance out repetitive strain on the muscles. This class will help you build awareness, mobility and resiliency in mind and body.

Be sure to check the schedule to see what is currently offered.

Align Fitness Bootcamp on KGW

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Who Are the Align Fitness Strength Conditioning Classes For?

These classes are for everyone! Whether you’re just getting started, looking to build strength and endurance, or seeking to compliment your yoga practice with cardiovascular activity, our instructors work with students at any level. The classes are supportive, fun, and inspiring. People of all ages, shapes, and sizes enjoy these classes and see results quickly!

What Are the Benefits of Align Fitness Strength Conditioning Classes?

  • Provide a dynamic workout that helps you to use a variety of muscle groups to build strength and endurance
  • Enhance focus and concentration
  • Build confidence
  • Improve general fitness levels, including aerobic endurance
  • Aid weight loss
  • Reduce stress and boosts feelings of well-being
  • Enhance sport performance