Kids and Families: Yoga and Other Offerings

Sellwood Yoga is proud to offer a wide range of classes for people at every stage of life, including children of all ages! Drop your child off for a nourishing yoga class just for them, or come to a Family Yoga Friday class and practice as a family. Plus, many of our classes are appropriate for pregnancy if your doctor has given you the go-ahead. Please email with any questions about beginning or continuing a practice when you’re expecting.

What Are the Benefits of Kids/Family Yoga?

  • Develop body awareness and mind-body connection.
  • Manage stress through expressive movement, periods of play and rest, breathing awareness, and mindfulness.
  • Build concentration, focus, and an increased attention span.
  • Increase confidence, positive self-image, respect, and connection.
  • Feel “seen and heard” and part of a non-competitive group.
  • Form positive bonds with family, caregivers, friends, and others.

Kids and Family Classes at Sellwood Yoga and Align Fitness

Classes for children and families will specify the age ranges for which they are designed. If you have any questions about whether or not a particular offering is appropriate for your child, please email

Be sure to check the schedule to see what classes are currently being offered.

We offer Family Yoga classes for families with children ages two through ten on most Fridays (exceptions for PPS no-school days—check our schedule to make sure class is happening). Through fun partner poses, creative breathing exercises, and simple relaxation techniques, parents, caregivers, and children create the roots for a lifelong practice together. As a past participant says, “Great fun! A way to introduce your kids to yoga so that they want to learn more!”

We also hold monthly Yoga and Mindfulness for Girls afternoon retreats, designed for girls ages ten through fourteen. These classes teach calming and self-soothing techniques, relieve stress and anxiety, and build strength, self-confidence, and flexibility. Join us for two hours of yoga, mindfulness, movement, art, writing, and more! Keep an eye on our home page for upcoming retreat dates.

Finally, we offer a 10-Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training one to two times per year. This in-depth training will prepare you for teaching yoga to children in a variety of settings (ex. schools, yoga studios, enrichment programs, and therapeutic settings).