What I Love About Morning Yoga

by Christine Morita-McVey

( tl;dr*: yoga in the morning is excellent)

I’ve always been a morning person. I love the calm and the quiet start of each day. It’s easy to enjoy the peacefulness of this time for myself. Mornings have been when I’ve done my most productive studying, when I’ve gotten a lot of work done, when I’ve finished the best books, when I’ve listened to entire podcasts and when minutes – hours (!) have passed as I’ve endlessly scrolled or doom scrolled on social media. For the past several years, most of my mornings have included exercise, which I love, and often also yoga, which I also love. Both help me move through my day with a positive mindset. I’m better able to concentrate, to focus and to handle whatever stressors are in my life. Morning yoga, it’s the best.

Mornings at the Sellwood Yoga studio also connect me with the cycles of the world. Over the past few years there’s been what can seem like an endless amount of anxiety & stress and the predictable patterns of sunrise and seasons have really been grounding. Watching the sunrise through the east windows & doors and seeing the light shift and change on the back wall as the year spins by — it’s beautiful. It’s change. It’s predictable & cyclical. It’s spectacular and it’s a connection with the natural world. Early classes aren’t for everyone but I love it. Practicing – and teaching – in the mornings really allows me to appreciate the present moment and to also feel connected to the rhythm of the world.

Join me: Mondays & Fridays, 7 am for yoga and
Tuesdays & Thursday, 7 am for bodyweight strength

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