with Ariel Hart and Denise Gour
Sunday, February 24th (1:00-3:30pm)
at Sellwood Yoga

$65 for the afternoon; includes a personal “Healing Ally” Gift Box consisting of a therapeutic essential oil blend, a small crystal and a custom recipe for sustaining health and well being. Limited to 10 participants.

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Join us for an afternoon of ultimate self-love! The Heart-Full Sanctuary will bring awareness to the opening and healing of our hearts, thereby increasing our capacity for love in all areas of life. All levels welcome, Class size is limited to 10 people to ensure an intimate, healing experience for all participants.

In the Heart-Full Sanctuary you will learn and experience ways to…

– Transform self-doubt into self-nurturing

– Trust the healing language of your body

– Soften rigidity and open to fuller potential

– Cultivate energetic awareness 

– Find deeper levels of relaxation

Mindfulness Practices, presented by Denise (a certified Mindfulness instructor) will offer proven techniques to:

  • Foster self-compassion
  • Deepen the mind-body connection
  • Restore health and well-being 

Reiki, a Japanese healing technique (guided by both Ariel and Denise who are certified Reiki practitioners) will help balance, brighten and increase your energy. Discover your own capacity for energetic healing by:

  • Reading and caring for your energy (chakra clearing)
  • Using Reiki to charge crystals
  • Identify your personal allies in healing 
Gentle Movement (guided by both Ariel and Denise who are certified Yoga instructors) grounded in Restorative and Yin Yoga traditions. 

  • Find deeper levels of opening with supported postures
  • Reduce activation of stress responses
  • Learn to use breath to deepen your Yoga practice

The Heart-Full Sanctuary includes a personal “Healing Ally” Gift Box consisting of a therapeutic essential oil blend, a small crystal and a custom recipe for sustaining health and well being.

Instructor — Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart is a former LA/Seattle based energy worker, yoga teacher and artist who has returned to her magical roots here in Portland.  Her flair for the theatrical informs her experiential classes and private sessions, creating experiences that encompass all of the senses in deep intuitive healing.  She has been a certified Yoga instructor since 2007 and a certified Reiki practitioner since 2012.  Ariel offers weekly classes, workshops and private sessions that incorporate a variety of therapeutic tools such as Reiki (energy healing), sound therapy, visualization, mindfulness, aromatherapy, herbal clearings, pranayama and charged stones/crystals.  Ariel is passionate about sharing energy work with community and is the co-founder of “U:nite” a not for profit group in Seattle that hosted public alternative healing events.  Please visit her website www.arielhart.space for more info.

Instructor — Denise Gour

Denise Gour

Denise Gour’s therapeutic focus helps people reduce their stress and learn to navigate adversity with more self-compassion, clarity and ease. She has over 15 years of experience working in Portland with adults and families facing complex issues related to parenting, family and relationships, adult children of impaired parents, recovery from addictions, aging, grief and loss, career shifts, physical injury and illness, and the associated symptoms of depression and anxiety. She also offers presentations and trainings for health care providers, schools, and businesses interested in using mindfulness and stress reduction skills in the workplace. Denise completed her Mindfulness Based Professional Training with MBSR founder Jon Kabat-Zinn. She has also trained with the researchers who developed Mindfulness Based programs for addiction and depression counseling. As a licensed clinical social worker and certified yoga instructor she offers a richly integrated approach to teaching stress reduction.

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