The Circle of Security Parenting Group

by Rosey Wyland

I wanted to share with you that I will be facilitating an upcoming in person parenting group at Sellwood Yoga this April. It is an 8-week group that is for parents/caregivers of young children ages 0-6. The Circle of Security Group is a warm, welcoming and supportive space for those interested in reflecting about what we know as parent’s is one of the hardest jobs. It is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationship can be supported and strengthened. The Circle of Security has taught me so much in my own parenting journey. I took the training when I was pregnant with my oldest, Grace and I’m deeply passionate about this work.

I have witnessed the powerful ways in which these groups have empowered parents/caregivers. It gives parents space to reflect on how they were parented and a place to share the inevitable joys and struggles that come with parenthood.  It is a relationship-based approach that helps us understand attachment and the needs underneath our children’s behaviors.

Here is a short video about the Circle of Security-

Send me a message if you would like to learn more or sign up here.