Victoria began her yoga practice when she was introduced to “Yoga for Dancers” in NYC after studying ballet and modern dance since childhood. The connection between breath and movement moved her to explore yoga further, and for over 20 years, yoga has been an ongoing source of stability and connection during times of transition in her life. It has served as a way to connect with her body through movement and creative sequencing, as well as a way to connect with new communities. Victoria’s personal practice has been rooted in a very physical expression of the asanas, pushing the limits of flexibility, strength, and balance. Over time, and with the guidance of her favorite teachers, she now explores a centered practice, fostering a deeper mind/body connection. Victoria has explored different traditions of yoga, martial arts, and physical fitness. She completed her first 200-hour teacher training at Sellwood Yoga in 2017, and has recently added strength training and TRX suspension training to her certifications.