Instructor — Sharie Moss

After spending the first half of her working life co-building a family business and raising three kids, Sharie Moss decided to switch gears and return to what she was drawn to most: finding and practicing habits that promote body/mind balance in everyday life. After experiencing MELT and noticing the profound effects it had on her nervous system, energy, and body efficiency, she was hooked. She completed her Level 2 MELT training in October 2015 with MELT innovator Sue Hitzmann, and is excited to share these simple, but extremely effective moves with anyone who wants to find the best in their bodies, whatever their age.

Sharie developed her innate sense of body movement after spending two decades as a competitive swimmer, finishing at the national level of competition. Wishing she would have had MELT to ease her aches and pains and improve her performance back then, she now uses MELT to keep her moving like a much younger person—dancing injury-free—as well as keep her entire life more balanced. She loves seeing how MELT helps all types of people, from seniors wanting to acquire more balance and ease in their bodies, to teens managing the mind and body stress of school and team sports, to busy parents trying to get enough sleep and peace in their day, to athletes who want to improve their performance and stay injury-free.

Sharie encourages you to give MELT a try, so you can experience its comprehensive body/mind benefits for yourself!