Instructor — Nicole Cranston-Crow

Nicole Cranston-Crow began practicing yoga in the mid-90s and, upon earning her teaching certificate in 2010, she was blessed to join the Sellwood Yoga family. There, in addition to her weekly teaching schedule, Nicole has also had the privilege to join the staff in Sellwood Yoga’s Teacher Training Program. 

Dance and gymnastics were a huge part of her childhood, and she believes the movement in yoga provides an outlet that brings deeper meaning to motion—that what we practice on the mat directly influences and guides us in the world we live in, as we aim for balance and harmony.

In daily life and in the studio, she strives to share yoga in an honest and enthusiastic way. By emphasizing breath with movement, balance, and flexibility, students build a strong foundation from which their practice can evolve. Everyone comes to yoga for their own reasons. Nicole’s wish is to open the door further by encouraging students to move from a place of truth and smile along the path of discovery.