Instructor — Kari Kemper

Kari discovered yoga during her university days, sampling the various styles, but never landing on one to develop a deep practice.  A former avid runner, Kari found Vinyasa Flow via Sellwood Yoga which allowed her to work with the structural challenges that occur as the result of longer distances and an aging body.  Initially working with yoga to heal many a running injury, break a sweat and build strength as a form of exercise, Kari found a deeper meaning within yoga that allows her to move her body, connect to her breath and settle her mind.  This awareness and the supportive Sellwood Yoga community led her to complete her 200-hour RYT teacher training taught by Savonn Wyland and Bill Wyland. Kari has continued her studies to support instruction that curates strength, mobility and intentional movement to support injury-free yoga, challenging the way yoga is taught. Kari is currently enrolled in a 300-hour training program through Sellwood Yoga to become 500 RYT-certified.

Kari teaches dynamic, flowing sequences that bring attention to the breath, encourages curiosity, and emphasizes proper alignment, functional range of motion, and strength all with an openness and sense of humor.  Her ability to assess the class and adjust sequencing to meet the students exactly where they are provides an inclusive space for all to practice, encouraging playfulness and lightheartedness.  

In addition to teaching at the studio, Kari also organizes and co-teaches with Savonn at international yoga retreats sponsored by Sellwood Yoga and is co-founder of No Place Like Om – a yoga program for teens with anxiety, available within Portland-area high schools. 

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