Instructor – Johnna Buchanan

My earliest memory of movement is Mari Windsor on VHS in my parents living room! I grew up in small town Oklahoma, boutique classes weren’t on the radar. I did cheer and gymnastics through high school. Once I was in college, I started yoga and instantly found myself drawn to group fitness. I have been teaching for five years–my background is in Barre3, reformer/mat pilates and Lagree fitness. Movement has given me a healthier relationship with my body and empowered me. I move as much for my mind as I do my body! I am passionate about movement that feels good and hope my classes create a community that is inclusive, energetic and empathetic. My teaching is a constant evolution of self-love and empowerment, motor skill development and great tunes. Music is the groundwork, breath will follow and then we sweat. Most importantly, I want to create a workout that every body deserves—effective and empowering you to reclaim yourself, wherever you are! When I am not teaching, I am slinging wine for a local distributor. I love to cook, read and spend time with my labradoodle, Winston Churchill.