Instructor – Blane Ashby

Blane has been practicing and studying Pilates since 1998 and was certified through the Ellie Herman Pilates Institute in 2002. From 2003 to the present, he has been a Faculty Instructor of the Teacher Training Instructor Program (TTIP) at the Ellie Herman Pilates Institute, acting as co-head of the program. In 2007, he became a Balanced Body Master Instructor. Though he now calls Portland his home, he is still the Head of Education at EHS Pilates Studio in San Francisco.

As an educator, Blane has trained instructors locally, across the United States, and internationally. His students have gone on to great success and now teach all over the globe. He has also had the honor and pleasure of contributing to many of Balanced Body’s curriculum developments and presenting at Balanced Body’s highly acclaimed Pilates On Tour (POT). Blane co-owned Parkside Pilates in San Francisco (with Lizz Roman) from 2005 – 2017.

Along with one-to-one fitness training, he specializes in injury prevention and recovery. Blane has had much success in assisting and creating programs for clients in their post-recovery and injury-prevention goals. He also teaches Pilates-based group classes. His popular classes promote a non-competitive atmosphere, while challenging students to reach their fullest potential. The focus of the classes includes precision, control, stability, core strength, and increasing flexibility, all while promoting enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment. Pilates can be quite challenging, but it should be fun, too!