Yoga for Healing: Grief, Loss and Sadness

with Savonn Wyland

Total: 6 Hours

  • Thursday, October 6, 2022 (6pm-8:30pm)
  • Saturday, October 8, 2022 (1pm-4:30pm)
We all have a lot to work through and process as we come through this post pandemic time.  Some of us had to deal with intense loss be it of loved ones; homes; jobs; ways of living; parts of our identity. Many of us suffered through generalized sadness, grief and anxiety.
“But what is grief, if not love persevering?”
Yoga for Grief and Sadness is an opportunity to look within and work with what shows up around loss. Life involves suffering and grief is part of the response. Our bodies store our emotions and practices such as yoga help us to therapeutically deal with what we sense, feel, think, question and know.
Processing grief is vital to our well-being. 
While grief is universal, the process of dealing with it is very personal and individual. Our practice will include both a thoughtful moving sequence of poses as well as time to be more restful and reflective. There will be segments both at the beginning and the end for breath work. It is said that grief can be “stored in the lungs”. The breathing work will also help you move emotions through your body.
Grief, sadness and depression are all emotional states that can drain your energy. Healthy and intentional mourning can help you pass through exhausting emotional and physical depletion towards new acceptance of loss. Eventually, getting to a new normal with greater appreciation of what is present and possible.

This Weekend Intensive is part of Sellwood Yoga’s 300 Hour Advanced Studies Yoga Teacher Training Program as well as the “Deep Dive” Track. With instructor approval, you may be able to register for this module as a stand-alone weekend. Please email for more information.