Hands On and/or Off Assists

with Savonn Wyland
Dates TBD

Prerequisites: Previous 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification or yoga teaching experience.

This Weekend Intensive is part of Sellwood Yoga’s 300 Hour Advanced Studies Yoga Teacher Training Program as well as the “Deep Dive” Track. With instructor approval, you may be able to register for this module as a stand-alone weekend. Please email advancedstudies@sellwoodyoga.com for more information.

  • Have you wondered whether to adjust or not adjust? Touch or not touch? Be hands on or hands off?
  • Are you nervous about including hands on adjustments due to lack of practice or training, or a bad experience?
  • Do you need more practice giving adjustments in order to build your skills and competence?

Adjustments and assists are used to enhance your students’ experience, not to make them feel like they are doing something wrong. If you have received a great adjustment, you know how it feels to be touched in a way that makes your pose come to life. If you have been the recipient of a not-so-great adjustment, you also know how it feels to be the receiver of something that shakes you up or just feels off.

You Will Learn

  • How to confidently and competently manually adjust common poses to meet your students where they are, keeping in mind that “one size (adjustment) does not fit all”.
  • Why adjustments (hands on and/or hands off) can be helpful and effective tools for students of all levels.
  • When to include adjustments and when you may be better off avoiding them.
  • The healing and communicative power of intentional touch.
  • How to verbally cue for common modifications, choices, and options.

What to Expect

You will be working with other yoga teachers (and soon-to-be teachers) to experience both giving and receiving adjustments and assists. While there will be plenty of time to discuss what, how, and why as it pertains to adjustments, assists, and modifications, most of our time will be in giving & receiving, practicing & experimenting, and feeling & sensing.

You will gain experience that can easily be put to good use. Your newfound skills and knowledge will help you better support your students’ practices and your confidence as a great teacher.

Who Should Take This Weekend Intensive

  • Soon-to-be teachers and newer teachers looking for experienced guidance, practice, and tips/tools in the art of adjustments and assists.
  • Experienced teachers who want to build on what they have been already doing (or not doing) when it comes to skillfully adding verbal and manual (hands on) adjustments in both group and one-on-one settings.
  • Anyone who is currently participating in a Yoga Teacher Training Program or who has completed a Yoga Teacher Training Program and has not started teaching yet.
  • Yoga students who want to deepen their understanding of the benefits of assists/adjustments.