200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program – Testimonial Highlights

“[I loved] the community, first and foremost. It really was a place where we all grew and grew close through our time together. Each instructor brought something different, different teaching styles and expertise. I also loved how available Savonn was and how invested she was in us. I wasn’t from the area and didn’t belong to the studio, but she and Sellwood yoga made me feel welcome.”

Natalie, 2017 Graduate

“There was so much excitement. We had such an amazing group of folks. The curriculum was very educational. I loved the philosophy portion of it. I loved the anatomy instruction. I loved being part of all the classes the students were teaching. I felt so alive and part of something so fun. There wasn’t a thing I disliked. I think, most of all, I loved the challenge. I stepped outside of myself, and it felt so good.”

Nicci, 2016 Graduate

“[Teaching my first community class was] a very, very joyful experience. It was rewarding to teach a class of my fellow classmates, family, studio members, and others in my own style and with my own sequences. It felt like I was expressing my love for this practice by sharing it with others, and I was equally appreciative for others who wanted to join and participate in that moment. “

Armand, 2020 Graduate

“Savonn and Bill are such steady teachers, and they create an accessible, fun, encouraging space for people to show up as they are—no expectations or limitations. I appreciated the 360-degree learning opportunities presented to us that went beyond just deepening the physical practice of yoga (shapes and moves). They gave us solid tools that we could use on our journey with yoga beyond our teacher training.”

Ashley, 2015 Graduate

“I loved my community at Sellwood Yoga, and my positive experience there encouraged me to dive deeper. I don’t think I would have sought out teacher training at another studio. I loved learning more about the science of what I had experienced firsthand in my personal practice, and I loved my cohort. We formed our own little community.”

India, 2018 Graduate

“I learned that it is never too late to be a student. It was a great reminder that stepping beyond one’s comfort zone is invigorating and empowering. And I found myself with a new career!”

Pam, 2016 Graduate

“[Sellwood Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training program] is so enriching in your life and in your practice. And it is YOURS with which to do what you want. If you try teaching, great! But even if you don’t or have no intention to teach, you’ll learn so much from amazing teachers whose agenda is only to give you an experience to learn as your authentic self, not ‘make’ you into something you are not.”

Heather, 2016 Graduate

“I selected Sellwood Yoga [for teacher training] simply because this is the studio I’d fallen in love with and been attending since 2014. […] I have found such a vibrant, joy-filled, diverse sense of community here. I knew I wanted to be mentored as a teacher by the same teachers who instilled such joy, intention, acceptance, and humor in their classes. I could not have been happier with the experience I had at Sellwood Yoga.”

Katie, 2020 Graduate

“I made some deep, deep connections [during yoga teacher training]. I see some fellow students regularly: some in person, some via random text messages or social media posts, others in a class at the studio or in advanced training together. There is great familiarity and joy when we see each other and share milestones of babies and marriages and life accomplishments, as well as support when we face challenges.”

Rebecca, 2020 Graduate

“[During my first community class] I was certain I was going to mess up, make mistakes. […] The first five to ten minutes, my heart was pounding. But then, I got into a groove and taught! And I made a mistake! And we all laughed about it. I have been teaching since graduation, and to this day, I still make mistakes when I teach. It is part of being human. But it felt so great to finally do this. I was hooked.”

Kari, 2018 Graduate

“I learned that I can create a space that is welcoming, authentic, fun, respects the diversity/needs of students, and honors the practice of yoga. And importantly, that I don’t need to be the ‘best’ yogi in the room to pull it off.”

Sally, 2019 Graduate

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