Deep Dive Track: Self Care Before the Holidays Immersion

with Savonn Wyland
Dates TBD

Deep Dive Track: counts as 6.5 hours.

Stay physically healthy as well as emotionally and mentally grounded during the holidays and throughout the year. Learn and practice how not only to survive but thrive during the busier times from early December onwards.

The holiday season is often host to a wide variety of emotions, plus real and perceived additional commitments and events. It is an important time to proactively make and take time for yourself and your own best care.

During this immersion, we will practice yoga, breathing, and mindfulness, as well as share healthy snacks and beverages and hear from self-care strategists with specialities including mindset, naturopathy, energy healing, and motivational coaching.

Moving your body, building your emotional intelligence, setting good boundaries, developing a gratitude and self-compassion practice, focusing on the present, and committing to personal growth are all helpful practices during the holidays, and really, any time of the year.

Yoga, as well as other types of movement, is essential in helping to diminish the increased stress, anxiety, and depression that the holiday season can bring. We will practice different types of yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and more, in order to reenergize, reset, and restore.

Learning how to be both present and positive towards yourself and others will be another focus of our time together. Give yourself the gift of care, so that you can be more healthy, compassionate, clear, and calm.