with Carrie Booth
Friday, March 1st (7:30 – 9:00pm)
at Sellwood Yoga

$20 register online/$25 at the door

Upcoming dates:
April 5
May 3
June 14

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A Divine Recipe for Transformational Rest
Join Carrie as she blends the healing methods of restorative yoga and yoga nidra to create a sanctuary of peace and complete relaxation. Visualization, sound healing, chakra balancing, energetic touch, candles, mindfulness and essential oils are also used to help enhance and deepen your experience. 

What is restorative yoga?
Restorative yoga takes yoga poses that are usually active and done standing, and brings them to the floor. You are supported by bolsters (large pillows), blankets and blocks that allow you to hold the pose for an extended amount of time to open your body, find gentle stretching and release held tensions. This is a healing yoga, allowing the body and the mind to relax to repair and find balance. Dim lights, candles, calming music, and aromatherapy set the stage for this soothing, peaceful practice. No yoga experience is needed and every level of yoga student is accepted. Especially good for those with chronic illness, pain and/or injury. 

What is yoga nidra?
Yoga nidra is a guided meditation that has the power to transform, heal and rejuvenate you at your core levels. Through the use of body sensing, breath awareness, guided imagery and other practices, you are systematically guided on a journey through your whole being called the koshas. 

What It Does: Transforms Stress Into Healing
Yoga nidra switches you out of the fight or flight and into the relaxation response – your body’s natural healing space – where revitalization and rejuvenation naturally occur. Your body knows exactly what to do to attain, and maintain optimal health and equilibrium. Yoga Nidra is the “healing switch” that can bring you there with ease and compassion.

Instructor — Carrie Booth

Carrie Booth
I am so honored to have the opportunity to teach here with Sellwood Yoga! I’ve been a part of the Sellwood yoga community since 2013. First as a student, then as a teacher in training, and now as a teacher.

I read a quote once about the practice of yoga that continues to echo for me, and that I hope gets embodied in my practice and teaching: “What if we thought of yoga not so much as self-improvement, but rather as self-discovery and self-acceptance.” To me, that is the beautiful and wonderful offering of yoga, and what I try to offer myself and those that I get to share my teaching and practice with. Curiosity, patience, self-compassion and choice are all an integral part of my living, both on and off the mat. I strive to create a space where people of all walks of life can feel safe, welcomed, and accepted, no matter of abilities or where one is at in their yoga practice and journey.

My teachings tend to gravitate towards and embrace the more yin and gentle and restorative styles of yoga practice, which I believe helps us balance out all the on-the-go aspects of our lives with a time and space to slow down and quiet and still the body, mind and spirit. Currently, I am enrolled in a yoga therapy program at the DAYA foundation with the hopes of being able to bridge Eastern and Western medicine and the many healing benefits and components it can bring to our lives. Since my 200 hour certification, I’ve had additional training in Yin Yoga, Yoga Psychology and Yoga Nidra. While the movement of yoga is lovely, what really draws me to yoga is the opportunity to develop a greater awareness, connection and acceptance of body, mind and spirit. I use a lot of visualization, body sensing/scanning, sound healing, chakra balancing, energetic touch, mindfulness and essential oils in all of my teachings in order to help enhance and deepen experience.

I am also a social worker and am currently an individual and family therapist for youth with high mental health needs. I love my work and the amazing people and families I get to meet along the way. I’ve found, both personally and professionally, that there are many different paths towards health, well-being and healing and that yoga can be part of that path for some people. I hope that we get to meet, that our paths will cross, in one way or another, sometime soon!


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