with Ariel Hart
Saturday, March 7th (7:00-9:15pm)
at Sellwood Yoga

$50 register online/$45 for Sellwood Yoga Members
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ReNew combines the deep release of Yin yoga with the nourishing benefits of Restorative yoga and Reiki (a Japanese energetic healing technique). ReNew is designed to energize the “meridians” or energy pathways of the body.

This practice brings more mobility and circulation to joints, soothes the nervous system, and allows us to become more receptive to healing energy and ways of being. Revive, Rebalance, Renew.

The floor series is guided by Ariel Hart (certified Reiki master, 2012) who will deliver hands on Reiki assists throughout the practice. ReNew moves through different poses and shapes that aim to replenish our energy centers and increase flexibility in our bodies. This practice will build into longer supported holds that allow for deepest levels of release and relaxation.

This slow, mindful, evening encourages us to find more “prana” or life force through surrender and softening. Sound healing, essential oils, light and crystal therapies help support our healing work. Each participant will take home a “Renewal” gift bag consisting of a therapeutic essential oil and a small crystal.

Class size limited to 10 people to ensure an intimate, healing experience for all participants.

Instructor — Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart is a former L.A./Seattle-based healer and artist who has recently returned to her magical roots here in Portland. She is a certified yoga instructor (2007, Yoga Union) and a Reiki Master (2012, Northwest Healing Studio) and integrates the two practices to attain deeper levels of healing.

Ariel offers weekly classes, workshops, and private sessions that may incorporate a variety of therapeutic tools, such as Reiki (energy healing), sound therapy, essential oil or herbal clearings, and charged stones/crystals. Ariel is passionate about sharing energy work and is the co-founder of “U:nite” a not for profit group in Seattle that hosted public alternative healing events.

For more information or to book a custom healing session for you or a group, visit www.arielhart.space.


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