Class Rates and Memberships


We offer affordable and flexible rates so that you can practice in a way that fits your budget, goals, and lifestyle. You can chose from packages of classes, memberships, and drop-ins.  And pick and chose options that are live stream only, in studio only, or a mix of both.

You can easily and quickly make your purchases online (see below). If you prefer or need assistance please contact us by email at or text/phone 503.575.9982. 


Live Stream Weekly Unlimited Membership

With our Live Stream Weekly Unlimited Membership you will have unlimited weekly access to our Live Stream classes. 

With this membership plan:

  • your credit card will be charged once a week
  • renewal is automatic until we receive an email notice of cancellation
  • you may request a cancellation/termination with 3 days advance notice by emailing:

Passes and Drop ins

Live Stream passes give you access to the live stream classes.  Passes are non-transferable, not refundable, and the expiration dates may not be extended.  


Monthly Unlimited Autopay Membership (3 month minimum )

Commit to a regular practice with Sellwood Yoga. Enjoy unlimited classes and membership perks with the simplicity and convenience of automatic payments. You will have access to both our in studio as well as our live stream classes. 

Please note: With the membership plan, your credit card will be charged once a month.  

Membership Benefits:

  • Unlimited classes, and more (anything on the regular weekly schedule)
  • Special members-only discounts on select workshops and series classes
  • Members-only sales on passes and other merchandise

Please Note:

  • Your membership will automatically continue after the initial three months until we receive an email notice of cancellation. You may request a cancellation/termination with 14 days advance notice by emailing
  • Membership holds: You may place a temporary hold on your membership once a year by contacting at least 14 days in advance of the start of your temporary hold. We permit a maximum duration of 30 days on temporary account holds.  A $25 administrative fee will be applied.

  • Medical situations: if you have a legitimate medical situation that limits your ability to participate in classes, you can let us know your condition, and we will work with you to come up with a solution regarding your studio membership.

  • Memberships may not be shared, transferred, or extended and are not refundable.


One Month Pass

One Month Pass – $155: Good for unlimited classes (in studio and live stream) on the regular weekly schedule.


Passes and Drop ins

Our 10 class pass expires 6 months and our 5 class pass expires 2 months from the date that you take your 1st class using the pass. You have 365 days to initiate the use of the pass before the expiration kicks in. Passes are non-transferable, not refundable, and in most situations, the expiration dates may not be extended.

Please note: We recommend signing up ahead of time for classes, since many of our classes preregister to capacity. If you sign up ahead of time, you guarantee your spot (as long as you arrive for your class within 5 minutes of the start time). If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so within 3 hours of the start of the class (or within 30 minutes for 6am classes). You can cancel by using our web scheduler or the Mindbody app.

Late cancellations or no shows after the cut-off period may result in either (a) the loss of the class (for those with class packages, such as a 5, 10 or 15 class pass) or (b) a charge of $10 to your account (for those with unlimited memberships). [Please note: Classes purchased at special rates under our new Dynamic Pricing options via the Mindbody app are non-refundable; if you miss a class for which you registered with Dynamic Pricing, you will have to forfeit the fee.]

Yoga Privates and Special Occasion Yoga Classes

We offer individual sessions, small group classes, and a variety of other special occasion yoga classes. We can make arrangements to meet at the studio and/or to come to your home, work, or other venue.

For special occasion classes, please let us know what you need. We have taught for a variety of celebrations (ex. birthdays or wedding parties), retreats (ex. corporate or groups of friends), work events (ex. team building, stress reduction, or fundraisers), and more. Rates for special occasion classes vary depending on the size of the group, location, etc.

Please contact the studio owners Savonn or Bill to discuss your specific needs.

Yoga privates are a great way to deepen your yoga practice or to get started with or back into yoga. In just one session, you will see big changes and breakthroughs in your yoga practice. Personalized instruction will help you understand your unique body mechanics and how that relates to your practice and poses. Privates help to address specific questions you may have and/or move you in different directions as it relates to modifying, adapting, and changing your approach, understanding, and perspective.
If you are looking to refine your practice, start a practice, or get back to practicing after an injury or illness, yoga privates are for you. You will receive individualized feedback, specific instructions, and adjustments, as well as recommendations for further work and more.
Students seek out private instruction for numerous reasons, including:
  • Receiving one-on-one attention in a safe and private space with experienced instructors.
  • Practicing specific poses, including everything from basic fundamentals to more challenging and complicated poses and/or sequences.
  • Creating a therapeutic approach during times of injury, illness, or high-stress.
  • Returning to practice after time off due to lifestyle changes, injury, illness, etc.
  • Starting a practice and getting comfortable with common poses and instruction.
  • Complementing a yoga practice to other athletic interests (ex. runners, cyclists, golfers, paddlers, etc.).
From a current student who took a private with Savonn:

“I’ve been curious about private sessions for a while and figured my practice wasn’t advanced enough to warrant the time. I thought I needed to know more before I could learn more. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited and a bit scared leading up to it. Excited because I’ve been in enough classes with Savonn where I know she’s across the room and quietly encourages me with ‘nice job’ or corrects my foot placement or my knee collapsing in. She’s a great class teacher. I was really looking forward to learning from her one-on-one. At the same time, I was a bit nervous because, if she can see me across a room of 22 people, what is she going to see when she has an hour and I’m the only person in the room? The short answer is I am so glad I did it, and I kick myself for waiting so long. We covered so much ground in an hour. I was able to immediately incorporate what I learned into my next class. My first down dog was so different I started chuckling to the amusement of people around me! Underlying all this is my trust in Savonn’s knowledge of how bodies work and how yoga fits for different people. Without that, I’m sure I would have been more hesitant to push here or more there. Great class, fun time, can’t wait for my next one.”