with Rose Allen
Wednesdays, September 19th – October 24th (12:00 – 1:15pm)
at Align Fitness

$85 for the series.

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This ancient Chinese method of enhancing one’s vital life force is accomplished through simple movements and relaxed breathing. These gentle forms help clear blockages in the body that have accumulated through various life trauma – physical, emotional, psychological. When there is blockage and imbalance, there is disease. Qigong helps to balance the organ systems of the body to create health – the perfect preventive medicine. The forms can even be practiced from a seated position, and have proven beneficial for a wide variety of ailments.

Rose’s classes begin with 15 to 20 minutes of settling into the body with various warm-ups and gentle stretches. We open the joints where blockages are likely to occur so that the energy can begin to flow more smoothly. This opening and relaxing is followed by simple qigong forms that start the flow of the individual’s qi, or energy. Over time, the class moves into ever-deeper levels of practice, appropriate for the particular class energy and season. Rose also includes Five Element Theory into her teaching. At class end, students are prepared to move out into the world in a powerful way, more conscious of their own energy.

Instructor — Rose Allen

Rose has been a student of qigong since 2005, when she met Zhenzan Dao, who was leading classes in Laurelhurst Park. When her teacher opened the MogaDao Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2011, she relocated to the high desert in order to immerse herself in six years of deep study and teaching. Rose accumulated hundreds of hours of classroom instruction, in addition to her own personal practice.

While at the Institute, she also studied yoga, internal alchemy, meditation, gong fu, and life from a Daoist perspective. As one of the first Certified Qigong Instructors there, her own classes began in June of 2013. Prior to formal certification, she led practices among her fellow students. Rose became well-regarded at the Institute for her devoted study. She has also had exposure studying with other qigong masters and is quite well-read on the subject. Tai chi is another of her practices.

Rose has now returned to bring her teachings to the Rose City. Her life goal is to share this healing practice with as many people as possible. Learn more at www.RoseCityQigong.com.

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