with Denise Gour
Sundays, March 29 – May 31 (1:00-3:15pm) + all-day retreat Saturday, May 23 (10:00am-5:00pm)
*No class April 26 and May 24
**This course now meets online and via email.

$425 for the series if you register by March 8th; $475 after

Sign Up

You must attend a *free* orientation to MBSR prior to attending the series. Please sign up for an orientation on Sunday, February 16 or Sunday, March 8 (1:00-2:00pm). If you are NOT able to attend an MBSR orientation session, contact Denise at 503.860.1227 to schedule a required phone orientation or email her at dgour@mindfulplace.com. Denise is a certified MBSR instructor and has taught since 2008.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds after Session One. On-line registration and payment is accepted after attending either orientation 1 or 2. Orientation is a required prerequisite for the series. Please contact Denise directly if unable to attend either of the orientations.

The full 8-week course also includes an all-day Saturday retreat.

8-Week Course Price includes:

• Recorded audio meditations
• Home practice guide
• Day-long retreat (May 23, 10am-5pm)

About Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR):

This is the official Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction model, developed by author/researcher Jon Kabat-Zinn. Over 30 years of research demonstrate its proven effectiveness for reducing the physical and emotional symptoms of stress. Participants typically report lasting improvements in their relationships at home and at work and a greater sense of inner calm and confidence when facing life’s challenges. See http://www.umassmed.edu/cfm/stress-reduction/ for more on MBSR.

What to Expect:

In this class, you’ll learn practical, user-friendly skills to deepen relaxation and improve health and resilience in the midst of everyday life challenges. You’ll also be given lots of guidance and support for establishing your own home practice in a schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Comments from the past group of MBSR Students (from their Satisfaction Survey):

100% of participants:
-say they would recommend this workshop to a friend
-found the information and skills from the course helpful in changing their patterns of automatic reactions
-said the facilitator was well-organized, thorough, warm and understanding

What did you find the most useful in the course?

“The discussions that Denise led, the handouts that reinforced her talks, and meditating in a group setting.”
“Practical tools.”
“Learning about different types of mediation and which ones work the best for me.”
“Knowing others have the same struggles.”
“The retreat was awesome–I totally enjoyed it and found it really helpful.”
“Be curious; learning to bring the practices into daily living.”
“Your CD’s were extremely useful and well-done, and made practice really enjoyable.”
“Accessibility and support of instructor.”
“Group meditation.”
“Really appreciated the brain-based information.”
“I felt safe enough to share and felt understood.”

What differences did you notice in your experiences with stress over the 8-week course?

“My body was calmer, especially through formal practice. A calmer body helped me function better throughout all domains—eating, relationships, emotions, communication, skin (some noticeable differences).”
“I noticed more awareness in my own stress levels throughout the day and at work (especially), and I used a lot of ‘mindfulness on-the-go’ strategies to help in the moment. It made me a more patient teacher and life partner!”
“I was able to notice when I started ruminating instead of being present – little by little, more aware.”
“I’ve gained more self-compassion and self-acceptance in the face of difficult situations.”
“Stressful moments don’t seem as intense anymore.”
“I have noticed and become more aware of how stressed I get at times and have become more aware of how focusing on the breath really helps me.”
“Greater awareness of stressors that can trigger reactions physically and emotionally—focus more on acceptance and compassion and less judgment.”
“Moments of noticing the moment–morning air, birdsong, changes in flowers on my way to work. Was there rather than projecting into the workday before I even hit the work doors. Started many days at a calmer level, more confident I’d handle the day (than I was before the class).”
“I was able to bring my stress level down, calm a racing heart, acknowledge irrational thoughts, and accept frightening emotions.”
“I’m able to take a pause and NOTICE the stress as opposed to making decisions from emotions.”

About the Instructor:

“[Her] calm, gentle countenance is a walking advertisement for this class. Nothing like an instructor that walks her talk.”
“You’re amazing, Denise! This training is so valuable and made even better by your warm and professional presence. Thank you!”
“You are such a warm and calming spirit. I hope to bring this sort of peace and openness to my life.”


Instructor — Denise Gour

Denise Gour

Denise Gour’s therapeutic focus helps people reduce their stress and learn to navigate adversity with more self-compassion, clarity, and ease. She has over 15 years of experience working in Portland with adults and families facing complex issues related to parenting, family and relationships, adult children of impaired parents, recovery from addictions, aging, grief and loss, career shifts, physical injury and illness, and the associated symptoms of depression and anxiety. She also offers presentations and trainings for health care providers, schools, and businesses interested in using mindfulness and stress reduction skills in the workplace.

Denise completed her Mindfulness Based Professional Training with MBSR founder Jon Kabat-Zinn. She has also trained with the researchers who developed Mindfulness Based programs for addiction and depression counseling. As a licensed clinical social worker and certified yoga instructor, she offers a richly integrated approach to teaching stress reduction.

She is deeply inspired by the courage and perseverance shown by the wonderful people she is privileged to work with. She finds purpose and connection in life by joining with all who are willing to face life’s challenges with a compassionate heart and the abiding strength of a good sense of humor.

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