with Cara Busacker
Tuesdays, October 17th – November 21st (10:45 -11:45am)
at Align Fitness

$90 for the series

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Mamalates is an OB/GYN-endorsed, Pilates-based, restorative exercise method for mom and baby. Focus is on modifications, proper alignment and core re-connection designed to help you realign, reclaim and stabilize postpartum.

  • Connect with your baby AND your CORE (and your booty, arms, inner thighs…)
  • Use the foam roller stretch out postpartum pain and accelerate your recovery workout.
  • MOVE, ENERGIZE and go deep in this resourceful, fun and informative class.
  • Prepare to return to your regular workout routine (or work) with a stable foundation, modifications and a new body awareness.
  • Connect with other moms and babies through movement.
  • Modifications provided for Diastasi recti and Cesarean recovery, pelvic floor issues, prolapse and more.
  • Learn correct biomechanics for holding & lifting your baby.

Exercises are easily modified to meet individual needs and all fitness levels. You will receive handouts for home use.

This class is appropriate after six weeks recovery from childbirth. Please check with your health care provider before registering for this class. 

Babies 2 weeks- pre-crawling welcome!

Includes: the mamalates DVD workout with baby, handouts, diastasis recti assessment and local resources. We use baby as resistance for some exercises, balls + bands to maximize your workout time. Appropriate for women who are recovering from a cesarean or abdominal separation.

Instructor — Cara Busacker

As an Oregon native who grew up in Bend, Cara Busacker moved to Portland at an early age to pursue her formal dance training at Oregon Ballet Theater, and continued her training at Pacific NW Ballet in Seattle. As a dancer in her teens she discovered Pilates while rehabilitating from a knee injury. She found the full body/mind movement system to be truly beneficial in recovering from injuries, but also and more importantly in enhancing the strength and coordination you need as as a dancer and athlete. Returning to Pilates later in life after having her daughter in 2012, Cara fell in love with it once again. She is passionate about bringing the benefits of proper body alignment, strengthening and healing movement, and the connection to your core, to anyone and everyone. She also strives to make each class fun and approachable; she believes that everyone can benefit from Pilates. Cara is PEAK Pilates certified in mat and apparatus equipment. She trained with PEAK Pilates Master Instructor Jessica Schultz here in Portland.



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