with Ariel Hart and Aaron Overstreet
Saturday, November 30th (1:00 – 4:00pm)
at Sellwood Yoga

Price: $50 ($45 for those with a Sellwood Yoga autopay membership; email info@sellwoodyoga.com prior to registering to get the discount)

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Healing Through Breathwork is a group session guided by Aaron Overstreet and Ariel Hart. This workshop offers a supportive and intimate group dynamic in which to experience the power of our breath. The breath is the body’s natural way of unpacking and releasing stagnation, pain, and old emotional energy that may be limiting our potential for further growth and happiness. This workshop will pair an active pranayama practice with supportive tools, such as sound healing, restorative movement, and Reiki (a Japanese energetic healing technique). Explore your own capacity for restoring health and well-being within a safe and intentional space. Past participants have reported feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and supremely relaxed.

This workshop supports you in finding:

  • Increased energy and awareness of energetic needs
  • Deep relaxation
  • Increased joy and feelings of aliveness
  • Emotional healing
  • Trauma release
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs
  • More space and clarity for the mind
  • Connection with our authentic self

Props such as eye pillows, blankets, and bolsters will be available. We invite you to bring any other items of comfort that might help support you while lying down. Space is limited to 15 participants to ensure a healing experience for all. Please register in advance.

Instructor — Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart is a former L.A./Seattle-based healer and artist who has recently returned to her magical roots here in Portland. She is a certified yoga instructor (2007, Yoga Union) and a Reiki Master (2012, Northwest Healing Studio) and integrates the two practices to attain deeper levels of healing.

Ariel offers weekly classes, workshops, and private sessions that may incorporate a variety of therapeutic tools, such as Reiki (energy healing), sound therapy, essential oil or herbal clearings, and charged stones/crystals. Ariel is passionate about sharing energy work and is the co-founder of “U:nite” a not for profit group in Seattle that hosted public alternative healing events.

For more information or to book a custom healing session for you or a group, visit www.arielhart.space.


Instructor – Aaron Overstreet

Aaron has been assisting people in self-empowerment and spiritual healing for over two decades. He believes that we can attain ownership and mastery over our lives and experiences while working in conjunction with our higher selves.

Respire Breathwork is based on the teachings of Leonard Orr. It encompasses Aaron’s deep understanding of the breath and his work as a healer and spiritual guide. His ongoing dedication to discovering the healing powers of the breath have led to this gentle yet powerful style of breathwork. Aaron studied directly with Leonard and has led trainings and workshops in Portland, Virginia, and India. He has been co-facilitating the annual breathwork training, “Return To The Sacred,” in Sierraville, California, since 2003. Aaron is certified by Rebirthing Breathwork International.

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