with Katarina Simko
Saturday, March 14th (1:00-3:00pm)
at Sellwood Yoga


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Yes we will be going upside down, no this is not just about learning to stand on your head or hands.

Did you know inversions can help with…
-back pain
-blood circulation
-posture and flexibility
-strengthening bones

There are many different kinds of inversions and they have been proven beneficial for cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems. Flipping your relationship to gravity, gives more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, boosting your concentration, memory, observations and clear thinking.

Join Katarina Simko and learn how to invert safely and effectively so you can get all the benefits without having to worry about provoking past or future injury.

This workshop is definitely for you if:
-you’re scared of going upside down
-you’re competitive and want to master standing on your head or hands
-you have a neck or spine injury and need options for when a teacher cues headstand or other inversions
-things have been a bit stressful lately and you need a new perspective
-you love playing with new poses

Instructor — Katarina Simko

Katarina L. Simko is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. She specializes in helping her students and clients reduce their physical and mental stress amidst life’s chaos and struggles. A former professional dancer, Katarina started taking yoga as a way to cross train, and she began teaching yoga in 2010. Her unique holistic approach blends movement and physiology with nutrition and psychology to help her clients reduce anxiety and improve sleep, immunity, and digestion. 

Katarina has traveled across the U.S. and Canada to lead workshops, trainings, and retreats and has taught at five different Wanderlust Music & Yoga Festivals. Her students range from retirement community residents in wheelchairs to NIKE employees training for marathons. She even teaches Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga. Katarina loves being in nature and going on adventures, and she really loves a good dance party. 

Learn how to reduce your stress and strengthen your ability to handle life’s challenges and illness in her free Facebook Group, The Immunity Community. If you’re ready to create lasting change in your health, then grab one of her free Stop Your Stress Struggle 30-minute Calls.

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