with Katarina Simko
Friday, April 20th (7:00-8:30pm)
at Sellwood Yoga

$30 for the evening

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If you struggle with staying still for awhile in traditional restorative or yin yoga classes, then try this gentle dynamic stretch and recovery workshop and class. The movements in deep stretch are meant to encourage relaxation (like rocking a baby) and balance out intense and repetitive work on the muscles. Perfect for tight muscles, athletes, desk workers, and anxious or nervous individuals.

Instructor — Katarina Arneric


As a former dancer, Katarina L. Arneric was a busy perfectionist stressed physically and mentally to the max. She struggled with anxiety and digestive disorders most of her life. At age 25 she was diagnosed with osteopenia and the doctors couldn’t seem to pinpoint the reasons for many of her physical ailments.

Now Katarina is a Health Coach and Yoga Instructor who works with ambitious women to transform their relationship to stress so the chaos around them no longer dictates their health and happiness. If you want to stop waking up at 3am with worry, are constantly getting knocked down by colds and always feeling behind, and want to uncover if you’re making the #1 mistake that keeps women stuck in the on and off Healthy Bandwagon drama cycle, grab one of her FREE Stop Your Stress Struggle 20 minute Calls (http://www.createwithkla.com/stress-struggle-assessment/). If you’re interested in a safe, non-judgemental space to release your stress, be heard, uplifted and supported during a stressful time, join her support Facebook group From Chaos to Centered for the Busy Woman (https://www.facebook.com/groups/chaos2centered/).

Teaching since 2010, Katarina addresses mindset, psychology, physiology, movement, nutrition and self care practices in her approach to improving sleep, anxiety, immunity and overall health. Katarina has traveled across the US and Canada to lead workshops, trainings, and retreats and has taught at five different Wanderlust Music & Yoga Festivals. She loves being in nature, going on adventures, and really loves a good dance party.


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