We cater to a wide variety of students by offering different types of classes and levels. We offer Yoga, Pilates, MELT Method, Barre, Fitness, and more. Please email (info@sellwoodyoga.com), call us (503-575-9982), or contact our studio advisor if you have questions about which classes to try and why.

Align Bootcamp

Align Bootcamp is our signature bootcamp class: a high-intensity mixture of strength training and cardiovascular exercises. You’ll work your heart, muscles, and mind, getting stronger and leaner while also honing your balance, coordination, and flexibility. You will use a variety of equipment and modules in each class, including TRX Suspension Trainers, kettlebells, and total bodyweight exercises to work the entire body over the course of one hour. Our energetic bootcamp drills will sculpt your body, push your limits, and help you achieve any fitness goal you’ve set for yourself. Our experienced bootcamp instructors are passionate about wellness, and each brings their own personal training style and fitness philosophy to their classes.

Candlelight Yoga

Unwind, relax, and chill out. Candlelight Yoga is a soothing blend of deep, slow moving stretches with supported restorative work. Candlelight Yoga is suitable for and beneficial to all levels of practitioners. The classes are designed to help you:

  • melt away tension
  • decrease feelings of stress and anxiety
  • increase a sense of calmness and peacefulness

Our Candlelight Yoga classes might also include some time using foam rollers and massage balls to expand the opportunities for therapeutic release, rejuvenation, and healing. By the end of your practice, you will feel recharged, replenished, and relaxed.

Family Yoga

The whole family is invited to play, laugh, and explore yoga. Come and share an afternoon of joyful Family Yoga. Through fun partner poses, creative breathing exercises, and simple relaxation techniques, parents, caregivers, and children create the roots for a lifelong practice together. No prior yoga experience necessary. Recommended for kids ages 2-10 years and their families/caregivers.

Gentle and Restorative Yoga

Soothe your stress with this healing, calming, and rejuvenating class. The first half of our practice will focus on slow movement, stretching, and strengthening postures, while the second half will be completely supported, quiet, and restorative. In all parts of this meditative practice, we will connect mindfully to the breath, body, and spirit. Yogis of all ages (adult), sizes, and levels are welcome to attend, as are those with injuries and therapeutic needs.

Hatha Yoga

Drawing on principles of Iyengar (alignment-based), Vinyasa (flow), and classical Hatha yoga, Hatha classes move through a variety of postures, themes, and focuses. The content of the classes will be chosen to suit those present and the energy of the group, working toward a balanced body and mind: aware, powerful, and present. The pace may be slower than that of a Vinyasa Flow class, which makes Hatha classes valuable for both beginners and experienced practitioners, providing time and attention to the foundation, alignment, and subtleties of each posture. Students are guided out of their trouble spots, so they can express each pose in a way that suits and addresses their individual needs. The class will include asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing practices), and meditation in order to address health and well-being on all levels.

Mellow/Restorative Flow/Vinyasa

This class combines the creative form of Vinyasa (flow) yoga with rejuvenating, supported, and restorative poses. In all parts of this meditative practice, we will connect mindfully to the breath, body, and spirit. Yogis of all ages, sizes, and levels are welcome to attend, as are those with injuries and therapeutic needs.


The MELT Method® is an innovative science-based self-treatment program. Learn simple self-care techniques you can use every day to make your body feel better and function more efficiently. In this class, you will:

  • Relieve aches and pains brought on by aging and active living
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Ease chronic neck and low back strain
  • Improve alignment
  • Learn how to keep your whole body working better

MELT Neurostrength

MELT Neurostrength is very similar to a Performance class as it incorporates both hydrating moves and Performance moves. However, MELT Neurostrength incorporates a higher percentage of advanced hydrating moves vs. Performance moves.

MELT Performance

*This is a more advanced class that builds on regular MELT classes. At least 5 regular MELT classes, MELT private session(s), or permission from the instructor is required to participate. If you are unsure of which MELT class is best for you, feel free to contact Sharie (the instructor) with questions at shariemoss@mac.com. MELT Performance is about stabilizing the shoulder girdle, core, and pelvis using specialized cues, props, positions, and movements based on the concepts of neuromuscular therapy. These specialized movements allow you to access your unconscious neurological pathways and influence your own muscular timing. From these movements, you will be able to simulate specialized hands-on therapeutic techniques that are used to reintegrate optimal joint motion, erase compensatory patterns, and help you not only live pain-free, but also improve athletic performance. You will also discover how to reduce post-exercise recovery time, as well as aches and stiffness brought on by the repetitive patterns and impact of activity. Please be sure to bring a full water bottle. All equipment will be provided for the class.

Morning Vinyasa

An alignment-based Vinyasa Flow class that focuses of using awareness and breath to drop deeply into a variety of poses. Classes place a strong emphasis on each student finding an authentic practice that fits their current needs. The class is appropriate for practitioners of various levels. Modifications and variations will be offered in a supportive way for each person to practice being where they are. Most classes will include sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, and inversions.

Pilates/Barre Fusion

Open to all levels of experience, this class combines Pilates mat work, weights, and Barre work. You will lengthen, sculpt, and tone your body while having a blast!

Pilates Mat (Mixed Levels)

Mat work is the core of Pilates training. The precise exercises developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920s are tried and true in building core strength, increasing flexibility and range of motion, and improving coordination, control of movement, alignment, and deep full breathing. With practice and intention, building strong abdominal and postural muscles—also known as “the powerhouse”—is invaluable in the support of the skeletal system. Pilates exercises focus on using the breath to channel core energy into the center of the body and out to the limbs. (Each Pilates exercise can be modified to suit most people, of any age or fitness level. At the same time, Pilates is widely recommended by doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors for older people and those undergoing physical rehabilitation. If this is the case, however, please let the studio and your instructor know, so we can help direct or accommodate your concerns safely and effectively.)

Pilates Mat Flow

This energetic class will include the Pilates mat repertoire, functional movement, and fitness applications. Rhythm, flow, and transitions will be interwoven in to the class. Some Pilates experience is recommended but not required.

Prenatal Yoga

A nurturing class designed to meet the changing needs of pregnancy. This class creates space for those who are pregnant to share their experiences, connect with their developing baby, and prepare for childbirth through mind body awareness, movement, relaxation and breathing techniques. This class will share yoga and mindfulness based practices to foster strength, support, and stability throughout pregnancy, birth, and the journey of parenthood.

Restorative Yoga

This is a great, all around class for those looking to deeply relax, unwind, and melt away stress. Calming breathing exercises and a series of restful postures, using bolsters and and other props, will help to fully support the body and refresh the mind. Newer students will learn gentle approaches to poses, and experienced students and athletes will benefit by adding restoratives to their practice and/or training program.

Restorative Yoga with Reiki (Healing Touch)

This Restorative Yoga and Reiki class pairs supported yoga postures with gentle, hands-on healing (“Reiki”). This combination complements the natural healing capabilities of your body. This is a great all around class for those looking to deeply relax, unwind, and decrease stress. Calming breathing exercises and a series of restful postures, using bolsters and other props, will help to fully support the body and refresh the mind. Other therapeutic tools, such as mindfulness and sound healing, may be part of the class in order to create a deeper sense of calm and rejuvenation The class is well suited for beginners, as well as those with more yoga experience.

Strength & Stability

Using bodyweight exercises, resistance bands and weights you’ll build strength and confidence for better overall health and a more stable yoga practice. All are welcome to join this fun and supportive small group class.

Stretch, Strengthen, & Release

This is the perfect class to release tension and stress from the day. The dynamic stretch and recovery movements balance out repetitive strain on the muscles. This class will help you build awareness, mobility, and resilience in mind and body. All major muscle groups of the body will be targeted, including upper and lower legs, hips, shoulders/neck, and back. The use of props encourages support with joint stability, flexibility, and alignment.

Strong Vinyasa

A more challenging and moderately-paced Vinyasa Flow practice aimed at developing strength and stability, endurance and focus, as well as balance and mobility. Familiarity with Sun Salutations (A and B series) is recommended.

Strong and Stable for Healthy Aging

This class uses a combination of body weight movements and resistance bands to develop coordination and strength. With slower, mindful movements and modifications, you’ll build muscle and increase range of motion for a more stable yoga practice and better overall health.

Vinyasa Flow

An evolving and creative form of yoga, Vinyasa Flow classes integrate breath and movement, awareness and alignment. Vinyasa is a logical arrangement and placement of asana (postures) where the intelligence is guided from within. Each class is unique, influenced primarily from Hatha yoga traditions as well as other healing and expressive arts.

Vinyasa with Restoratives

An evolving and creative form of yoga, Flow (a.k.a. Vinyasa) classes integrate breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility. Round out your Flow with a nourishing Restorative practice to sooth your nervous system and deepen relaxation.

Yoga Basics

This is a great class for beginning and intermediate students, as well as those looking to further their understanding of the foundations and subtleties of yoga poses and breathing techniques. Yoga Basics focuses on alignment, adapting poses, working with breath and increasing flexibility, strength, and balance. Assistance by way of props may be utilized to allow greater access, opening, and awareness throughout the body, and to allow students of various levels to practice safely and comfortably. Self-exploration occurs through discovery and release of physical tension, habitual patterns, and psychological resistance. As individual practice continues, a student’s ability to relax and concentrate improves, and self-understanding is enhanced. Different techniques and instructions will be explained in order to adapt poses to fit the needs and experience levels of each student.

Yoga Basics (Mixed Levels)

Combining and using techniques, tips, and formats from a variety of yoga styles, Yoga Basics (Mixed Levels) classes are designed to be adaptable to a wide range of students, from beginners to more seasoned practitioners. These classes are slower moving and more detail-oriented then the Vinyasa Flow classes. Emphasis is on alignment with skillful instruction, as well as time for exploration to see and feel how yoga poses differ by design, body type, and approach. Most Yoga Basics (Mixed Levels) classes revolve around a particular theme (making for a mini-workshop style of class) or are set up to look at a few specific poses. Each class involves time for relaxation, breath awareness, and stress reduction. Different techniques and instructions will be explained in order to adapt poses to fit the needs and experience levels of the class. Assistance by way of props, hands-on adjustments, and demonstration is often included to help students of various levels practice safely and comfortably.

Yoga Basics: Yin Yoga

This Yin yoga class is open to all levels of students and is a perfect complement to those who typically take Yang, or more active style, yoga classes. Gently stretching the connective tissues and tendons, Yin yoga allows you to explore deeper into your physical body, as you also connect with your breath and begin to calm your mind. Postures are practiced on the floor and each are held for a lengthy period, usually 3-5 minutes. Holding poses longer encourages the energy, or “chi,” within your body to circulate, especially in blocked or stagnant areas. This is an accessible practice for everyone and a lovely way to unwind after a long day or week.

Yoga for Athletes

  • Improve balance and flexibility
  • Build muscular strength and stability
  • Increase mental alertness and focus
  • Prevent injuries
  • Enjoy deep relaxation

This class is not just for athletes and is suitable for most people, even those who are new or newer to yoga. Come in, and give the class a try. Besides traditional yoga poses, the Yoga for Athletes classes sometimes includes myofascial release techniques. In these classes, you will:

  • increase your breath awareness to stay centered and present
  • practice with good alignment to help prevent injuries and to repair and recover from overuse and training
  • try some challenging poses to build overall strength and improve balance
  • work with longer, more passive holds, in certain poses, to help open tight or sore muscle groups
  • experience deep relaxation that is important for integration and restoration

Yoga for Vibrant Maturity

Yoga for Vibrant Maturity is specifically designed to support a healthy body and mind for the 55+ age person. While all ages are welcome, the practice emphasizes increasing bone density and enhancing balance on and off the mat with variations of classic standing poses, sensible stretching, and relaxation. This class is more active than restorative yoga, yet still slow paced and supportive.

Yoga with TRX Suspension

Build core strength using your body weight to advance your yoga practice through the challenge and assistance of the TRX Suspension trainer. These classes will incorporate TRX suspension training, along with yoga poses to help you:

  • Build overall strength
  • Develop better alignment
  • Improve your balance
  • Increase your confidence in more intermediate-to-advanced poses like inversions, arm balances, and backbends