New Year Energy

By Kari Kemper There are moments when teaching yoga that resembles a runner’s high.  Total euphoria and elation.  But it is not just for one individual, but for everyone in the room. Every instructor can feel the shift that happens in the midst of teaching when the collective energy in the class begins to sync. It is a palpable sense of connectedness – a heightened … Continue reading New Year Energy

Yoga at the Beginning

by Rebecca Mendez Be patient. Allow for fidgets, for awkwardness, for squirming, for uneasiness. Be available. Let it be…unfamiliar, novel, unknown. Observe. No judgement. No self-judgement. Always have options. Keep yourself primary, not your teacher, not others. Own self. Own trying. Own exploration, discovery, resolve. Practice. ~ ~ ~ I like beginnings. All different sorts of beginnings. I like to learn. I like the beginning … Continue reading Yoga at the Beginning

Answering the Call: Finding Your Path Through Yoga Teacher Training

By Kari Kemper The way to yoga varies.  Many seek it as a form of exercise, a westernized version of a spiritual practice.  Frequently you hear those who are more “devoted” (whatever that means) raise an eyebrow on those who use this a method of fitness.  Or you may have some who can’t quite understand why one would chant at a kirtan, read the sutras, … Continue reading Answering the Call: Finding Your Path Through Yoga Teacher Training

Take a Yoga Break

by Rebecca Mendez Have you been staring at your phone or laptop all day? Feeling that “tech neck” ache? Is your “online spine” hunched over and sore? “Brain fog” rolling in and losing your focus? Take a yoga break. Right now. Stop reading this and move for just 30 seconds. No mat, no studio, no teacher. You don’t even have to stand up! Wiggle, stretch, … Continue reading Take a Yoga Break