with Alex Stokes
Tues/Thurs, January 29th – February 28th (6:30 – 7:30pm)
at Align Fitness

$145 for the series

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Train your mind and body in this 5-week series as you learn how to fight. Twice a week you will train like an amateur boxer with challenging mitt work and conditioning. You will learn about offense and defense with drills and mitt work, and your footwork will improve.

Instructor — Alex Stokes

Growing up an athlete and being physically active for most his life, Alex Stokes never had any problems with fitness until he started working a desk job. After a couple of years of feeling low energy and not being able to do the things he normally loved to do, he realized something needed to change. He signed up at a local gym, got a personal trainer, but unfortunately had a negative experience. Feeling discouraged, he gave up until he met his wife a year later who introduced him to a trainer who understood body mechanics and how he could successfully reach his goals. Realizing that a personal trainer could be more than a “bro” at the gym, Alex enrolled in the PCC Fit Tech Program, finished with his certificate in 2017 and became certified through the American College of Sports Medicine. Fascinated by human movement, Alex became a Reembody Certified Apprentice, which has given him a deeper understanding of how force moves through the body, and how each side of the body is specialized to do particular movements. Through his experiences at PCC, experiences with a passionate personal trainer and through Reembody, Alex has the opportunity to share his passion with clients so that he can help them reach their individual fitness goals.



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