with Jill Case Follas
Thursday, February 20th (7:15-8:45pm) – Pisces
at Sellwood Yoga

Other Upcoming Dates:
All Thursdays (7:15-8:45pm)
March 19 (Aries)
April 16 (Taurus)
May 21 (Gemini)
September 24 (Libra/Fall Equinox)
October 22 (Scorpio)
November 19 (Sagittarius)

$25 register online / $20 for monthly members (please email info@sellwoodyoga.com to register for the member rate)

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Every month when the sun moves into a new zodiac sign we will welcome the new energy with a special yoga ceremony to integrate the energy through movement. This monthly class will give you a brief download of the current astrology and practical tips for how to synergize with the energy of the times using movement, breath work and other mindfulness tools for off the mat.

Astrology+Yoga = Alignment! Come move with the times! 

Instructor — Jill Case Follas

I started teaching yoga 24 years ago, as movement has always been a way in which I can connect to my body. Yoga for me is not about the poses but about my relationship to my “in- body-ment” as I move through the shapes of my life.

I want my classes to be relevant to our everyday lives. I believe our movement practice can be a tool to help create space, release tension and learn how to listen to the body’s wisdom and requests. I pack my classes full of all the tools that I have learned along my path that have deepened my own practice. I often share astrology in my classes so that we can connect our inner experiences to the outer world. I blend custom aromatherapy products based on the astrology of the times and share them in class to give each of my classes a full sensory experience.

I hope if you join me for a class you will find a warm and nurturing environment to allow your whole self to be on the mat, leaving with the wisdom of your integrated presence. Namaste!

Jill Case Follas, E-RYT 500

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