Savonn Wyland

Savonn holds a deep knowledge of intricate movements of the body and is brilliant at offering up the most creative of asana variations and flows. Her classes are full of detail, awareness, and mindfulness. Her ability to clearly articulate and break down the movements and seamlessly weave in the unexpected keeps classes challenging, inspiring, and fun.

Her ability to be herself, laugh, tell stories, and share her own experiences creates for an open and heartfelt connection. Her unattachment to the “rules” and encouragement in being attuned to working within the boundaries of your own unique body are liberating.

Thank you for last Friday’s gentle restorative MELT experience (I did not need to go to the chiropractor). Following that up with neck stretches in Saturday’s yoga basics class was nirvana. Yoga nidra was such deep relaxation, and the bliss of self-care is so appreciated.

Thank you for your tenderness, care, thoughtfulness, planning, intuition, creativity, flexibility, and exploration of the human body and anatomy because as you explore, we do, too! And it is all a practice that points to loving kindness towards ourselves, and we extend that out to others and the universe. That’s beauty in action.

Co-Owner/Co-Founder & Senior Instructor

Savonn’s approach to teaching is to provide skillful and detailed instruction, non-dogmatic and grounded inspiration, along with mindful intention and awareness. She weaves in many different styles and approaches to her creative sequencing and theme-based classes.

She recognizes the importance of an integrated approach to health and well-being. She believes that yoga and other meditative and expressive arts are a great complement to athletic, professional, and creative pursuits.

Her classes, workshops, and retreats offer an opportunity to tap into the transformational energy present when a group comes together to practice without losing the power of personal inquiry and expression. Her one-on-one sessions help to better tailor a personal practice, to address individual concerns, modifications and questions, and to make sure the practice stays safe, nurturing, and fun.

Savonn is the co-founder and co-owner of Sellwood Yoga in Portland, OR. Together with Bill, her brother, she oversees the growth, development, and vision of the studio through their company, Align Integrative Wellness, LLC. Savonn and Bill also created and lead the Sellwood Yoga 200-Hour and 300-Hour Teacher Training Programs.

She holds Yoga Teaching Certificates in “Flow/Vinyasa” from the White Lotus Foundation, “Pre and Post Natal Yoga” from the Seattle Holistic Center, and “Yin/Yang Yoga” from Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley, and she completed an in-depth training in “Therapeutic Yoga” from the Yoga Garden of San Anselmo. She is also a certified MELT Method “Hand and Foot Instructor,” as well as a MELT Method “Level One Instructor.”

Savonn lives in Sellwood with her husband, Brian, and their son, Isaak.

She also works with individuals, small groups or businesses, and major corporations to create stress management and corporate wellness sessions and programs. Additionally, she is available to consult with health and wellness professionals, as well as health and wellness studios and small businesses on a wide range of topics, including how to start and/or expand a business, business identity and implementation strategies, organization and technical systems and processes, and accountability and coaching.

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