Rebecca Mendez

Rebecca Mendez

“Rebecca listens and notices each individual student and doesn’t just ‘teach a yoga class’. She also manages [as I believe is the true philosophy of yoga] to incorporate body and mind.”

“Rebecca’s class is a wonderful combination of movement and relaxation. I always feel energetic and balanced at the end of class.”


Rebecca took her first yoga class around age 10 and didn’t come back to the practice of yoga until later in life. Looking for a way to become healthier and more active, she tried a few different yoga studios but felt most at home at Sellwood Yoga. After attending many classes and workshops she realized the growing importance of yoga (and her yoga teachers) to her life and overall well-being.

With that knowledge she made the big leap and enrolled in the Sellwood Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour course and graduated in February 2020. Shortly after graduating she started teaching Chair Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes to private clientele (all via Zoom instead of in person due to Covid). She is now a regular teacher: teaching Yoga for Healthy Aging at Sellwood Yoga, continuing with zoom classes, and in person at local senior living communities.

In 2022 Rebecca completed and earned two additional certificates from both Accessible Yoga’s and Sunlight Yoga Chair Yoga’s training courses. In 2023 she completed the Sellwood Yoga 300-hour teacher training course.
In her Yoga for Healthy Aging class you will discover and experience the many benefits of yoga, whether you practice on a mat, in a chair or standing. Teaching classes with an accessible viewpoint gives her the opportunity to share her love of yoga and the rewards of a regular practice with every body.
Rebecca lives in the Westmoreland neighborhood with her husband, and summer is her favorite time of year. Find more info about her Zoom classes at

“My brain might think it needs to do a crow pose, but my body says child’s pose. I love the way Rebecca’s classes help me find a balance. Yoga For Healthy Aging is the sweet spot for me and reflects Reb’s open and honest style while providing focus on the needs of our ever changing bodies.”

“Rebecca makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Some students need more props than others and Rebecca makes sure no one feels embarrassed to use whatever prop they need.”