Nicole Cranston-Crow

“Your classes are always meditative for me.  I always work hard, but your approach is caring and educational.  Your passion for yoga shines through as you teach breath work, play the harmonium or send us out into the world feeling victorious!”

“Nicole’s Slow Flow class is a wonderful part of the Sellwood Yoga offerings! Slower than a traditional Vinyasa Flow class, the pace allows time to really get into each pose, exploring it to discover how it works best in our individual bodies. Nicole’s clear, gentle, and encouraging verbal guidance paints mental pictures that help us achieve good alignment. I always look forward to her classes!”

“I especially enjoy Nicole’s classes. She selects a variety  of poses, has good pacing, clear cueing, and always suggests modifications if needed.”


Nicole Cranston-Crow began practicing yoga in the mid-90s, and upon earning her teaching certificate in 2010, she was blessed to join the Sellwood Yoga family as an instructor. In addition to her weekly teaching schedule, she has also had the privilege of joining the staff in Sellwood Yoga’s Teacher Training Program.

Dance and gymnastics were a huge part of her childhood, and she believes the movement in yoga provides an outlet that brings deeper meaning to motion—that what we practice on the mat directly influences and guides us in the world we live in, as we aim for balance and harmony.

In daily life and in the studio, Nicole strives to share yoga in an honest and enthusiastic way. By emphasizing breath with movement, balance, and flexibility, students build a strong foundation from which their practice can evolve. Everyone comes to yoga for their own reasons. Nicole’s wish is to open the door further by encouraging students to move from a place of truth and smile along the path of discovery.

“I started practicing yoga with Nicole in 2016 after returning to the studio because I wanted to “become more flexible”. I immediately became a regular student of Nicole’s once I realized how much more her classes had to offer. Nicole thoughtfully deconstructs the asanas (yoga poses) to allow students to build shapes that honor their own bodies and support their personal practice. Her teachings often extend beyond an asana practice by incorporating the other limbs of yoga and honoring this ancient practice. As a person living in larger body, not only did I feel welcomed, but I felt like I was able to hold space in her class unapologetically and connect more deeply to my body and my breath through her loving instruction. She creates a welcoming space for all people. Nicole takes the time and energy to thoughtfully plan for her classes, often creating themes that allow you to dive deeper into your practice if this serves you. Practicing with Nicole has always felt like coming home and I am incredibly grateful for all that she has shared with me as her student.”

“Nicole is a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced yoga teacher. I love the positive, calm energy she brings to all her classes. The pace of her classes always feel just right. Her voice is gentle and soothing. She addresses students of all levels so well by guiding them in finding the right intensity for each asana. I always leave Nicole’s yoga classes in a more calm and centered state than I started.”