Kari Kemper

“Kari leads a mindful vinyasa class, incorporating breath work and a wonderful blend of alignment and modification options. I find Kari’s classes to be moderately paced, but great for all levels! I love how Kari’s classes often build to a peak pose. I find that it’s a good way to get to know certain poses and muscle groups that are helpful for practicing peak poses. Kari provides a good foundation to build from, and new ways to think about a certain pose or flow. I often leave Kari’s classes feeling inspired and calm. “

“I always learn something new in Kari’s Vinyasa class whether it is with alignment or a way to think about a pose.  Her vinyasa classes on the stronger side, but she always offers options and encourages students to listen to their bodies throughout the class.  She is creative in her sequencing allowing for a moment to explore something that she is curious about and wants to share with the class.  She is easy to approach, communicates with the students, and brings laughter and her passion for yoga to every class she teaches.”


Kari is a 500+ Hour ERYT and has been a member of Sellwood Yoga since the day they opened their doors.

A former runner, Kari found Vinyasa Flow in 2009 which allowed her to work with the structural challenges that occur as the result of longer distances and an aging body. As a dancer in her teens and early 20’s, the fluid movement of Vinyasa captured her heart.

Initially working with yoga to heal many a running injury, break a sweat and build strength as a form of exercise, Kari found a deeper meaning within yoga that allows her to move her body, connect her breath and settle her mind. This awareness led her to teacher training taught by Sellwood Yoga’s Teacher Training Program.

Kari’s primary interest is the study of the spine focusing on anatomy, disfunction and application in yoga and day-to-day life and incorporates that lens into all classes that she instructs.

Kari teaches dynamic, flowing Vinyasa sequences that bring attention to the breath, encourages curiosity, and emphasizes alignment (the way it presents unique to your body) all with an openness and sense of humor. Kari provides detailed physical cues to help you understand and support your body wisely allowing you to develop healthy habits for your long-term yoga health and wellbeing.

Her Yin classes are nurturing, bringing awareness to stillness and breath. Her signature class, Yoga for a Healthy Spine, combines her love of stability, strength, engagement and attention to how we move, with a bit of a physical therapy slant based on her own experience with chronic back issues and her road to healing.

Her ability to assess the class and adjust sequencing to meet the students exactly where they are provides an inclusive space for all to practice, encouraging playfulness and lightheartedness.

Kari organizes and co-teaches at many of the retreats offered annually by Sellwood Yoga.

Beyond yoga, Kari is a healthcare IT corporate executive, working with hospitals and health systems across the United States addressing price transparency for patients.


“I just finished Kari’s spine health class which focused on the thoracic region. The movements she took us through were the best I’ve had for that area of the back. I was rear-ended several years ago with an injury to my left scapular muscles. I went through PT and have done tons of strength training to help that region. I’ve had difficulty isolating the area. Today, the block work was absolutely incredible. I actually felt those lowered scapulars engaging! Great Class!”

“Thank you again for the wonderful Yin class last night.  I think it’s probably the deepest I’ve ever sunk into a yin practice.”