Janet Comer


Janet Comer strives to provide a safe space and support for your mind and body exactly as it is.

In Janet’s words: “As an imperfect yogi myself, I incorporate humor, humility and peacefulness in my classes. I am a graduate of Sellwood Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program and a family counselor who understands that relationships, including the one we have with our body, benefit from positive support.”

“Yoga gifted me with pain relief, injury recovery and prevention. It helped me truly attune to my body for the first time, and has even helped me find comfort in my body and my mind – my ‘mind body’ – when I am off the mat and in the world. Yoga welcomed my imperfections, my genuine heart, and was patient with my progress. I hope to share the same nurturing in my classes. I welcome you to join me whether you are a first timer or an old timer. Let’s be imperfect yogis together.”