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Welcome to Sellwood Yoga

Sellwood Yoga (7970 SE 13th Ave.) is a family-owned and operated yoga and wellness studio in the heart of historic Sellwood (Portland, Oregon). You can find out more information about us from our Google page and read other reviews about Sellwood Yoga here.

We have something for everyone: if you want to relax and nourish yourself, our gentle, restorative, and yin classes might be the perfect fit; if you’re in the mood to get your heart-rate going, take a look at our more active vinyasa classes.

If you have never been to Sellwood Yoga, check out our “Helpful Tips and Things To Know About Taking Classes at Sellwood Yoga” page.

Sellwood Yoga instructors are passionate about yoga, fitness, and wellness, and are non-dogmatic in their teaching style. They love sharing their excitement about the many benefits of yoga and healthy living. These benefits include decreased stress, overall mood improvement, increased flexibility, greater strength, a clearer mind, and a deeper connection to your best self.

We believe that there are various ways to practice and learn. As such, we offer a  well-rounded schedule that is welcoming for new students, inspiring for those looking to deepen their practice, and challenging for more experienced yogis and athletes. Above all, we strive to offer a welcoming, relaxing, beautiful, and clean space to learn, enjoy, and sink inwards. We want students to leave each class feeling better than when they arrived.

Savonn, with her husband Brian and their son Isaak

Siblings Bill and Savonn Wyland have extensive experience both teaching yoga and running successful businesses. They opened their first studio, Bernal Yoga, in 2002 when they were both living in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. Bernal Yoga continues to thrive (in fact, it was voted one of the top destinations in this increasingly hip neighborhood—take a look!. When they moved to Portland several years later, they fell in love with Sellwood, and Sellwood Yoga opened its doors in 2009. Savonn lives with her family around the corner from Sellwood Yoga—you’ll probably see them out and about in the neighborhood. Bill and his family recently moved to the Woodstock neighborhood. You will still see them frequently in Sellwood when they come to teach, visit friends, and hang out.

Bill, with his wife Rosey and their daughters Grace and Lily

Maggie and Daisy

Maggie Converse is the studio admin. She moved to Sellwood from the east coast (NYC/CT area) and is super grateful to be a part of this community. Be sure to say hello if you ever see Maggie and her dog Daisy hiking on local trails or walking through the neighborhood!