with Ariel Hart
Friday, August 16th (7:30 – 9:30pm)
at Sellwood Yoga

$40 preregister ($35 prepay for those with a current Sellwood Yoga autopay membership—email info@sellwoodyoga.com prior to registering to get the discount)

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Come enjoy an evening of ultimate relaxation. Drift away into a healing space with a warm, gentle, live sound bath inspired by the energies of a summer night. This practice pairs the healing frequencies of sound with soothing restorative yoga poses, Reiki (energetic healing), and light/crystal/essential oil therapies. This class is designed to clear and recharge the physical and energetic bodies by peeling away layers of stress, injury, and tension. Reiki (a hands-on technique of energetic healing) is used as a therapeutic tool to allow for deeper levels of opening and the clearing of stagnation.

Participants in this workshop will receive a small Reiki charged crystal. Class size is limited to 14 people. Please register in advance.

Instructor — Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart

Ariel Hart is a former L.A./Seattle-based healer and artist who has recently returned to her magical roots here in Portland. She is a certified yoga instructor (2007, Yoga Union) and a Reiki Master (2012, Northwest Healing Studio) and integrates the two practices to attain deeper levels of healing.

Ariel offers weekly classes, workshops, and private sessions that may incorporate a variety of therapeutic tools, such as Reiki (energy healing), sound therapy, essential oil or herbal clearings, and charged stones/crystals. Ariel is passionate about sharing energy work and is the co-founder of “U:nite” a not for profit group in Seattle that hosted public alternative healing events.

For more information or to book a custom healing session for you or a group, visit www.arielhart.space.


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