with Carrie & Sara Booth
Once a month on Saturdays (12:30 – 2:30pm)
Heart Chakra – Dec. 21st
Throat Chakra – Jan. 18th
Third Eye Chakra – Feb. 22nd
Crown Chakra – Mar. 21st
at Sellwood Yoga

$35 for one class / $200 for the seven-month series

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Come try, taste, and experience the chakras through yoga and plants with sisters, Carrie and Sara.

The chakras are centers of energy located all over the body. All of our feelings and senses are integrated with a different chakra. Blocked chakras can manifest in physical, emotional, or spiritual issues, while keeping the chakras open and balanced helps our energies flow correctly, which can help us stay healthy.

In this series, we will focus on one of the seven major chakras each month, along with the different restorative yoga poses and plants that pair with each chakra system. Guided meditation and visualization, herbs/teas/tinctures, color imagery, essential oils, gemstones, sound therapy, chakralates (chocolates) affirmations, and manifesting will also be incorporated to deepen the experience.

You can register for individual classes or sign up for the seven month series. Price is $35 for each individual class or $200 for the series.

Instructor — Carrie Booth

Carrie Booth has been a part of the Sellwood Yoga community since 2013, first as a student, then as a teacher in training, and now as a teacher. This quote about the practice of yoga continues to echo for her: “What if we thought of yoga not so much as self-improvement, but rather as self-discovery and self-acceptance?” To Carrie, this is the beautiful and wonderful offering of yoga, one she hopes to embody in both her practice and her teaching. She strives to create a space where people can feel safe, welcomed, and accepted, no matter their abilities or where they’re at in their yoga practice and journey.

Her teaching gravitates towards yin, gentle, and restorative styles of yoga, which she believes help us balance out the on-the-go aspects of our lives. Currently, she is enrolled in a yoga therapy program at the DAYA foundation, with the hope of being able to bridge Eastern and Western medicine and their many healing benefits. Since her 200-hour certification, she has had additional training in yin yoga, yoga psychology, and yoga nidra. While the movement of yoga is lovely, what draws Carrie to the practice is the opportunity to develop a greater awareness and acceptance of body, mind, and spirit. She uses visualization, body sensing/scanning, sound healing, chakra balancing, energetic touch, mindfulness, and essential oils in her teaching in order to enhance and deepen the experience.

Carrie is also a social worker and is currently an individual and family therapist for youth with high mental health needs. To learn more about her, visit her website: carrieboothhearthealingyoga.org

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