Divi Advanced Studies 300 Hour

 Teacher Training Program

About our advanced studies Teacher Training Program

Top Notch Instruction, 300 Hour Program, Mentoring and Support

Our Advanced Studies Teacher Training Program (300 hour) is led by Maria Williquette and Savonn Wyland with additional material taught by Bill Wyland, Rosey Wyland, Annie Kobliska Becker and other guest instructors. 

The program is designed modularly with weekend intensives intended for yoga teachers who have already completed a 200 hour program.  Once enrolled in the program, you will be matched with your mentor.  The mentorship component is an integral part helping to create more relevant customization, greater support, and further individualized attention.

Enrollment is ongoing with monthly weekend modules starting April 2020.  At Sellwood Yoga we aspire to teach and provide trainings that are accessible and support our commitment to equity and inclusion. We offer a limited number of scholarships and/or work study positions for those who are in need of financial support.  You can apply for the scholarships and/or work study positions by answering additional questions on the program application.

Once you are enrolled, you have 2 years to complete the full 300 hour program. 

  • 200 hours of Weekend Intensives (pick 10 out of 15 electives)
  • 80 hours of Mentorship (50 contact + 30 non contact) .  
  • 20 hours Advanced Studies Immersion Weekend with Maria and Savonn + other guest instructors.

  Weekend Elective Intensives 

Why Choose Us

Modular Learning with Weekend Electives, Supportive Environment, Practical, Relevant and Useful Information + Mentorship and Community

Our lead instructors, faculty and guest teachers are committed to helping you hone in on your strengths, expand your skill set, deepen your knowledge, increase your confidence and enjoy what you are learning and teaching.

Mentorship (50 Contact + 30 Non Contact Hours)

 We are proud to include a comprehensive mentorship component as a part of the Advanced Studies Teacher Training program;  we will match you up with a mentor who will guide and support you throughout the program. Mentorship includes one on one sessions with and taking yoga classes from your mentor. Progressing to observing and assisting your mentor in actual studio yoga classes. Towards the end of the program you will teach full yoga classes which your mentor will attend to provide supportive feedback. This level of one on one training is rare in the modern yoga world and harkens back to a time where students developed deep and enduring relationships with their teachers. You will grow exponentially as a teacher and will have access to ongoing personalized support.

Below is an example of how the 50 Contact + 30 Non Contact Hours might be approached.  You will work directly with your mentor to create a customized plan.


  • Meet one on one with Mentor (5-8 hours)
  • Attend 10 classes with Mentor as teacher (12-16 hours)
  • Assist 5 classes with Mentor and meet afterwards (6-8 hours)
  • Teach two classes with Mentor present, feedback afterwards (4-6 hours)
  • Plan a Workshop and create supporting materials and outline (5-7 hours)
  • Help out at the studio or with other studio related functions (5-8 hours)


  • Observe 4 classes with other teachers, take notes (4-6 hours)
  • Attend 10 classes from a variety of teachers (10-12 hours)
  • Self Study: Required Reading and Homework for TT (10-12 hours)
  • Seva in community  (4 hours)

300 Hours Advanced Studies Teacher Training: Putting It All Together

• 20 hours Advanced Studies Immersion Weekend (offered twice a year, you need to attend at least one)

• 80 hours of Mentorship spread out over the 12-24 months you are enrolled in the program.

• 200 hours of Weekend Intensives (Friday-Sunday) in Portland, Oregon  (10 elective modules at 20 hours/module).  See current schedule.

Your tuition also includes a one year membership (12 consecutive months) to Sellwood Yoga with unlimited yoga classes, discounts on other workshops, special events and more.

Everyone enrolled in the program will be part of a private online group where you can connect with each other, the faculty and guest instructors as well as share information relevant to the program, ask questions and receive answers plus access other relevant resources.

  Next Steps, Tuition/Payment, Schedule, Location/Times 

1.  Send us a message if you have specific questions or if you would like to schedule some time to talk on the phone or in person.

2.  Apply  online.

3.  Within 3 business days of your application being submitted we will get back to you. If for some reason,  you do not hear from us please send us an email

4.  Once accepted,  into the program, you have 7 days to schedule your first meeting with your mentor, pay your first installment of $800 (non refundable) , register for your Deep Dive Immersion Weekend and enroll in your 10 elective weekend modules and decide what your payment plan is going to be.  You can also sign up for other modules (past the required 10) at a discounted per module rate.

After your initial $800 payment (non refundable) you can pick between a number of different payment options:

Option 1:  Pay in Full – $3825 ( 15% discount)  Pay your balance within 1 month of enrollment and save $675.  

Option2:  Installment Plan 1 – Pay in 2 installments of $2250 (within 6 months of enrollment) plus $75 service fee for a total of $4575

Option 3:  Installment Plan 2- Pay in 4 installments of $1125 (within 12 months of enrollment) plus $150 service fee for a total of $4650

Tuition includes:  1 Advanced Studies Immersion Weekend, 10 Elective Weekend Modules, 80 Hours of Mentorship  along with 1 year (12 consecutive months) of unlimited yoga classes at Sellwood Yoga as well as discounts on workshops, retreats, retail and other special offerings.   

You may sign up for additional electives at the discounted rate of $275/module.

If you decide not to complete the teacher training program, you are still responsible for any remaining payments.  

Most Weekend Intensives will be held at Sellwood Yoga. There could be times that the location may change depending on the material being presented and the availability of studio space. If a session is held somewhere different than Sellwood Yoga, it will be communicated ahead of time and will always be somewhere in Portland (preferably in Sellwood/SE Portland). 

20 hours of Classroom Instruction per Module/Weekend Intensive
• 6 hours on Fridays: 1:30-5:30pm and 7:00-9:00pm (at Sellwood Yoga)  Dinner break from 5:30-7pm with an option to stay and take the 5:45-6:45pm class.
• 8 hours on Saturdays: 12:30-8:30pm at Sellwood Yoga (Mini breaks will be scheduled throughout the day)
• 6 hours on Sundays: 10:30-4:30pm at Sellwood Yoga (Mini breaks will be scheduled throughout the day)

Mentorship hours will be completed based on a schedule set up between mentor/mentee.  There will be flexibility built around individual needs and goals.

  Advanced Teacher Training Faculty 

Maria Williquette

Maria Williquette

Program Guide, Lead Instructor, Mentor

Savonn Wyland

Savonn Wyland

Program Guide, Lead Instructor, Mentor

Bill Wyland

Bill Wyland

Lead Instructor, Mentor

Rosey Wyland

Rosey Wyland

Lead Instructor, Mentor

Annie Kobliska Becker

Annie Kobliska Becker

Lead Instructor, Mentor