January 17thMamalates Method: Mom + Babe Birth Recovery Essentials
with Cara Busacker
January 18thRefine Your Practice (Level 1-2)
with Savonn Wyland
January 19thLearn to MELT: 4-Week Series
with Sharie Moss
January 20thMELT by Candlelight
with Sharie Moss
January 21stYoga and Mindfulness for Girls: An Afternoon Retreat for Girls Ages 10-14
with Claire Wilde
January 21stRestorative Yoga with Therapeutic Touch
with Nicci Driscoll, LMT
January 22ndHands On/Hands Off: Adjustments and Assists Workshop for Yoga Teachers (and Those in Training)
with Savonn Wyland
January 22ndTaste of MELT NeuroStrength
with Sharie Moss
January 22ndAn Introduction to Pranayama
with Matt Nelson
January 27thFamily Yoga Fridays (ages 2-10)
with Rosey and Annie
January 27thAdvance Your Practice Series: Level 2-3
with Savonn Wyland
January 27thExtended Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga Class
with Savonn Wyland
January 28thTension Releasing Exercises (TRE™)
with Ryan Crosby and Rita Selmarie
January 29thMindfulness Based Stress Reduction: 8-Week Series
with Denise Gour
February 3rdRestorative Yoga and Reiki
with Ariel Millihart and Denise Gour
February 5thWomen’s Health 3-Week Series: Practicing Yoga to Build Balance And Strength In Your Pelvic Floor
with Heather Koch and Christina Kujat
February 11thThai Yoga Massage Partner Class
with Bill Wyland
February 16thMELT NeuroStrength 4-Session Series
with Sharie Moss
March 5thMELT on Lower Back Pain
with Sharie Moss
March 17thSpring Equinox Yoga Celebration
with Claire Wilde
April 8th10-Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training
with Rosey Wyland & Annie Kobliska-Becker
May 4thYoga Weekend Retreat in Hood River
with Savonn Wyland
June 10thLa Dolce Vita: Yoga Retreat in Italy (Tuscany)
with Savonn Wyland