Laura Carim Todd

Yoga allows Laura to continue being a student, and to teach what she most needs to learn.

She embarked in “Yoga for the People” Teacher Training whilst pregnant with her daughter Lluna and obtained her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification just before moving her family across country from Maryland to Portland in 2010.

She lives in the Sellwood neighborhood, where she loves being outdoors in the sunshine and rain.

Check for Laura’s current teaching class schedule and workshop offerings.


Yoga is an essential part of how she lives her life and a good counter balance to her career in scientific research.

Laura leads a vinyasa inspired practice that emphasizes synchronizing breath, movement, and awareness to the physical body as well as the mind. She will have you moving between effort and ease with playfulness and plenty of opportunities to struggle, sweat, surrender, and let go of all that doesn’t serve you.

She is extremely grateful to all the teachers she encounters every day on and off the mat.

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