Ancestor Blessing from Wild Feminine by Tami Kent

As is the ritual in the Candlelight Yin with Restoratives Wednesday evening class, the readings take on a depth and life of their own. There were a few requests for copies of the “Ancestor Blessing” from Tami Kent’s Wild Feminine:

I call on the women and men of my mother line.
I call on the women and men of my father line.
I call on the lineages of those who have supported my journey in this life.
I call on the spirits of this land.
Bring your strength, your beauty, your dreams, your joy to me-the one who now carries on the work of our lineage.
Bring energy and light to my life so that I may do this work of transforming wounds, nurturing hope, celebrating joy and sharing love:
I am building the structures and sowing the seeds of a bountiful life for myself and for all who will come after me.
Know that you life and energy, all of your steps, were a blessing.
May you rest in peace, held by spirti.
The light that you carried lives on.
I honor you, ancestors.
I give thanks for you.
I ask for your blessing, your energy, to flow-
like a sacred river-=through my body and life.

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